Video: Come Hell or High Water, The Tall Bike Conquers All

In this clip ffrom a local Florida news station, the reporters are imploring residents to stay off the roads to avoid the hazardous flood conditions which have left vehicles stranded throughout the region…..and wait for it, wait for it, or just skip ahead to the ~40 second mark.

Special thanks to Shawn and the UCSC Bike Coop for the tip!


Burnt Orange - 05/05/14 - 5:58pm

Did that bike have a Campy seat post ? That is the real story

thesteve4761 - 05/05/14 - 7:16pm

Dude, did he get those hoops from! Are they the hookless tall bike prototypes?

Jorge - 05/05/14 - 8:38pm

And not a single f#@k was given that day…

Harry - 05/05/14 - 9:58pm

“Hero on Tall Bike rescues stranded Floridian drivers from 6″ puddles…Off to Bay of Bengal next to help in MA370 search!”

Dave - 05/07/14 - 1:19am

That is probably the funniest thing I have seen in at least a year.

ceebee - 05/09/14 - 4:56am


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