SOC14: Onza Introduces New Citius DH Tire, Plus Tanwalls to Class up your Mountain Bike

Onza Cittius DH TireThis year,  Swiss tire manufacturer Onza was on hand at Sea Otter to showcase their brand new DH tires. Developed for dry courses, the fast rolling Cittius tire features densely packed center knobs and aggressive side knobs. Designed to be the fastest tires on course, it derived it’s name from the Olympic Games motto of “Citius, altius, fortius,” which means “faster, higher, stronger.”

Onza Cittuis DH Tanwall

The website only lists 26×2.4 models, but they had 27.5″ versions with both black and tan wall casings on hand at the show. Look for these to be available soon.  Depending on the casing, the tire will retail for between $75-95.
Greina DH (1)

Also  on display was the Greina DH tire, which is designed for wet and muddy conditions.

Greina DH (2)

The wide open pattern and should shed mud easily even in the worst of conditions. Pricing is similar to the Citius.

Canis Tanwall

The Canis is an XC/All Mountain tire that has been in the product line for some time, but we just wanted to show some off the different tires they had available with the classic tanwall look. Onza Tire SealantAlso on display was their sealant, which will work on any kind of tubeless tire, but is specially formulated to work with the porosity of their tires. It’s ammonium free, latex free, protein free, and non-toxic.



Zap? - 05/02/14 - 9:16am

They need to make a reissue of the Porcupine, in white of course.

Marc - 05/02/14 - 9:39am

Actually. Swiss manufacturer not swedish!

cracked-frame - 05/02/14 - 9:58am

Moar TAN walls please.

WV Cycling - 05/02/14 - 10:42am

“Zap? – 05/02/14 – 9:16am

They need to make a reissue of the Porcupine, in white of course.”

yes, Yes, YES!

I have a silver and white GF Cobia, with (white) F29 Fox fork, Stans white rims, white cable housing, and all I need is a set of white tires to go with it!

Saris Mercanti - 05/02/14 - 2:06pm

Updated. Thanks @Marc for catching it.

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