SOC14: MRP Decapitator Bottle Opener, Prototype Handlebar & Fork Updates

MRP Decapitator Direct Mount CoverWith MRP just a few weeks away from shipping it’s new suspension forks, the big news at this year’s Sea Otter was their all new Decapitator. Designed for 2x deserters, the bottle cap slayer covers the unsightly front derailleur direct mount found on many modern full suspension. If you’re on a 1x drivetrain and tired of your bike looking unfinished, this made in America FD cover will set you back $29.99.

The company is also producing a blank plate for the 21 and under club, which retails for $19.99.

MRP Prototype HandlebarIn the works is also a new carbon handlebar that they first show cased at Eurobike last year, which should be available this summer. You like wide bars? These are slated to be 830mm wide! They’ll also be using the new 35mm standard, have a 25mm rise, and a fairly standard 9º/5º  sweep/rise.

The graphics pictured above have not been finalized, and the company will be adding textured friction paint to the clamp area, as well as guidelines for trimming the bar down.

There is also a stem in the works, but they’re in the processes of redesigning it.

MRP Loop and Stage ForksThe new Stage and Loop forks are also slated to ship soon. Both are targeted towards the trail/all mountain/enduro crowd, but the Loop is built around 32mm stanchions, while the Stage sports 34 stanchions. We’ve covered the forks in great detail before, but one thing to note is that is the Stage will be available in upto a 170mm option for 27.5″ bikes and 150mm for 29ers”! There aren’t alot of options in that travel range on the market right now for 27.5″ and 29″ bikes , so this is exciting news for those interested in longer travel options.



Andy - 05/02/14 - 10:10am

Do you mean the Loop or the Stage will be available in 170mm travel? Seems a bit optimistic on 32mm stanchions…

Bicyclebeardface - 05/02/14 - 10:45am

yeah, thats a typo. the STAGE is the the new long travel fork.

Noah_da_MRP_dude - 05/02/14 - 12:49pm

Stages are shipping now, THOSE are offered up to 170mm for 26/27.5″.

The Loop SL and TR will begin production in a few weeks.

Our new website will be up in a few days!

j - 05/02/14 - 1:32pm

Recently got a Loop as part of an off the shelf bike I’d purchased. Had heard good things about the fork but boy mine is clunky as hell.

Ryan - 05/02/14 - 4:19pm

Best bolt on piece ever. Must. Have. Now.

Saris Mercanti - 05/02/14 - 4:37pm


Derek - 05/02/14 - 6:50pm

Do people seriously need another bottle opener on their mountain bike? Seriously every bike accessory and frame has a bottle opener already built in. This fad is played out.

leadmoto - 05/02/14 - 7:06pm

@Derek Bottle openers are like bikes, You can never have to many.

Rick - 05/03/14 - 3:38am

My LOOP has been nothing but BAD ASS !!! Might need to order up Stage for my next build !

Noah_da_MRP_dude - 05/05/14 - 1:25pm

@J – please contact us, your fork shouldn’t be “clunky”! Cheers

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