Richie Schley’s New Gravatron App Captures Air Time, Cornering Speed & More

richie schley gravatron app recordd mountain bike ride air time and speed

Sure, you could Strava your next mountain bike ride, but that’d only tell you how fast you went. The new Gravatron app captures your air time, speed, ride time and more to help you prove you’re bad ass. Er, we mean, improve your ride.

Inspired by a trail near Whistler, it’s the brainchild of Richie Schley and Martin Schüller, a German pro rider. They came together on the Rotwild team, and as fate would have it, Schüller was headed to Canada to get a masters degree in digital PR. So, as part of a student project, Gravatron became a reality. Not quickly, mind you. We first saw Richie playing with it at the Crank Brothers product launch last year and kept bugging him to let us tell you about it. But, they kept it in beta and refined, tweaked and tested. And, from these screen shots, we’re glad they did…it’s much more refined and feature rich now. After three years in the making, it’s finally available for iOS and Android download now…

richie schley gravatron app recordd mountain bike ride air time and speed

It tracks speed and position using GPS, and the accelerometer measures airtime. The app provides instant feedback for trailside consumption and comparison, all of which can be uploaded to the companion website for further analysis and community sharing.

richie schley gravatron app recordd mountain bike ride air time and speed

Once you save a ride, it’ll upload your ride data to their website and graph the ride, letting you see your hang time and the speed you hit the jumps and in the corners. By mapping it, you can pretty easily see which jump you were on when you got record air and how fast you’re able to take specific sections.

“We wanted to gamify the ride, but in a more fun way than Strava,” Schley told us. “It’s not as competitive, but still lets you compare your rides against your buddies.”

The app is designed for gravity oriented adventure sports in general, including skiing and snowboarding so far. Their website even has beginner guides to get started in all three sports.

Download the $1.99  iOS app in iTunes here. Android version coming soon, you can sign up for notification at More screenshot below, click to enlarge:

richie schley gravatron app recordd mountain bike ride air time and speed

richie schley gravatron app recordd mountain bike ride air time and speed


Rowan - 05/02/14 - 9:42am

Might have to finally get a smart phone…

pmurf - 05/02/14 - 10:54am

This is great – and looks great too. Props to Schüller and any other designers.

Given how many RR crossings I encounter, I might have to fire it up for a road ride, too.

Bas - 05/02/14 - 12:05pm

cool. a bit dissapointed that it doesn’t tell you how much g you where pulling when cornering, let alone the “mean max gravitation curve”. maybe they save that for the premiun version :)

Jo - 05/02/14 - 12:28pm

Looks great! Finally an app that is not all about segment times, but about the pure joy of MTB.

Martin - 05/02/14 - 12:34pm

Hey Bas. Great ideas! We are already working in the next version. Gravitation curve would definitely be interesting, added to our backlog! :-)

Til - 05/03/14 - 3:55am

Looks great, can’t wait for a test run =)

dullknives - 05/04/14 - 8:47pm

@Martin – any eta on the android version? the website for sign up gave no time frame.

Martin - 05/05/14 - 2:06pm

@dullknives, we hope to have a stable android version within the next weeks.

Chris - 05/08/14 - 7:33am

Hi guys– great idea. Paid and downloaded as soon as I got the chance. Tried it twice and will not upload my ride. Help please.

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