Prototype Chris King Offset Headset Helps Lengthen Your TopTube

Chris King Buzzworks Prototype Headset

Co-developed with the Santa Cruz Syndicate Downhill Racing Team, the Chris King Buzz Works headset uses a little clever but simple engineering to help lengthen the cockpit of a bike equipped with a 1.5″ head tube thanks to the 1 1/8″ steerer tubed found on Downhill forks.

All three members of the race team are roughly 6’3, so their XL V10 bikes have always seen special equipment to help them top the podium. In World Champ Greg Minaar’s case, that has meant a healthy stack of spacers under the stem to help raise the front end.Chris King Buzzworks Headset ExpandedThe new prototype Buzz Works headset takes advantage of the concept behind an angle set, but rather than alter the headtube angle, it helps extend the cockpit by 8mm. We don’t have any further details, but you can read more at the Chris King Buzz Works blog.


Von Kruiser - 04/24/14 - 8:53pm

ok that’s pretty smart… so if it lengthens could it be flipped and shorten the TT? Super cool idea.

dullknives - 04/24/14 - 9:04pm

@Von – yes. bryceland runs his the opposite way of peaty and minnaar.

Professor - 04/24/14 - 9:24pm

I’m assuming it only works with straight 1 1/8 steer tubes.

stratosrally - 04/24/14 - 10:37pm

Read the article – this is for 1.5″ steertubes…

dullknives - 04/24/14 - 10:45pm

40’s don’t have 1.5″ steerers. do some research (bikerumor and stratosrally). 1.125 steerer on 1.5 head tube.

stratosrally - 04/24/14 - 10:58pm

Yeesh…… I’m stone cold busted.

Logic fail!

padrote - 04/24/14 - 11:20pm

so how the heck are the top and bottom aligned with each other?

alxramey - 04/24/14 - 11:27pm

I may be overlooking some part of the design but wont this alter tye angle of the headtube and in result changetue agle of the fork.. or would you have a custom rake to counter it

topmounter - 04/24/14 - 11:28pm

Neat idea, but I already have a 150MM stem.

ginsu - 04/24/14 - 11:38pm

strange modification all to get just over 1/4″ of length

Oderus - 04/24/14 - 11:53pm

Personally, I’d run them to the sides and offset so that the front wheel would sit at an angle and effectively turn the bike into Zoolander.

James S - 04/25/14 - 12:12am

That sure seems like overkill for 8mm. Would a longer stem really hurt the handling that much? Or perhaps it’s time for Santa Cruz to get with the program and lengthen their top tubes already.

Steve - 04/25/14 - 12:17am

Wouldn’t the top and bottom cups have to be aligned precisely when pressed in?

Ploutre - 04/25/14 - 3:45am

It’s not a matter of using a longer stem or not, it is mostly designed for DH bikes, and you just can’t find any Direct Mount stem longer than 60mm, so for the big lads (or small frames), you kinda need these headset.

I’m getting the one from Works Components (because I know it works for my frame and it is already available) soon :)

FarmerJohn - 04/25/14 - 8:47am

Its all GT Bicycles fault, the Fury DH is a game changer

dullknives - 04/25/14 - 11:06am

@FarmerJohn – if you’re referring to a longer top tube with a zero reach or very short (less than 30mm) stem, mondaraker did it a few years ago.

David - 04/25/14 - 1:14pm

They are sponsored by Santa Cruz, so why can’t they get a custom race frame?

K11 - 04/25/14 - 1:31pm

@david. cause they are carbon. in my opinion it would make more sense to build a custom aluminum front triangle for each specific team member and run the carbon rear triangle. but it comes down to a business thing, that the team is riding the “premium” product, that being everything carbon.

DaleC - 04/28/14 - 5:02am

“the team is riding the “premium” product, that being everything carbon.”

More importantly, I think, the team is riding the “actual” product that we by in the LBS.

Alex - 04/28/14 - 12:27pm

I think they’ve accepted that the XL V10, big as it is, really isn’t big enough. But they probably won’t re-tool (or offer an XXL) until they redesign the bike, which seem another season or two away.

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