Transition Introduces Two New Klunker Color Options

Transition 2014 Tonka Truck Yellow Klunker OutsideThe Transition Klunker is about the most fun a mountain biker can have on a rigid frame. Despite it’s lack of gears, suspension, and hand brakes, this bike and it’s 26″ wheels are all about keeping things simple.

If that’s your style, then you’ll be excited to hear that Transition has new frames and colors in stock. Having ordered two Klunkers myself in the past, I can tell you they can be hard to catch in stock.

Transition 2014 Tonka Truck Yellow KlunkerThe dirty yellow model seems to be inspired by everyone’s favorite yellow sandbox toy, while the other new color…Transition 2014 Klunker Bass Boatis a fashionable bass boat black with gold pin stripping. Interested? A 32 lb fun bucket retails for $579.


Lancelot - 04/23/14 - 9:38am

Wish they made a 29″ version for us tall guys.

JoeNomad - 04/23/14 - 10:48am

Looks like my Sun beach cruiser from back in the day.

Mindless - 04/23/14 - 11:41am

Mountain bike without front brakes? Your trail maintenance friends will not appreciate. Neither will hikers and equestrians who share it with you.

Padrote - 04/23/14 - 11:55am

yeah mindless I can see these being a real scourge on the trails… people listening to headphones, running over the endangered frog mouse, and strava-ing at the same time they’re carving huge ruts with the coaster brake!! The humanity!!!! I’m calling my congressman right now!

Mindless - 04/23/14 - 12:13pm

You may scoff all you like, but it is a real and present problem.

And running a mountain bike without a front brake is stupid.

Mindless - 04/23/14 - 12:15pm

..and stop the presses. They called in two new pantone numbers to their Chinese factory. Innovation at its best.

NoBodyMan - 04/23/14 - 12:27pm

@Lancelot See the 29er Cruisers from Felt. I rode a rail pretty hard over last summer, absolute blast.

Padrote - 04/23/14 - 12:38pm

I’ve seen one of these ever. on the street. I’ve seen a proper “klunker” like three times on trails in 14 years. I’m not that concerned with it.

BikeHoarder6 - 04/23/14 - 2:32pm

Why would anyone want to ride a klunker?
About 8 years ago I bought a Simple Single (single speed) beach cruiser thinking I would
re-live/recapture the magic of my paperboy days. The bike lived up to it’s manufacturers name of being “Simple”. So Simple that I rode it 3 or 4 times and thought “WTF was I thinking?”
No gears, coaster brake? YUCK! I sold it immediately.
Again… Why?

GetRad - 04/23/14 - 3:20pm

@Bikehoarder6 It makes normal trails seem scary.

satisFACTORYrider - 04/23/14 - 5:08pm

@mindless- I run my 4X SS rbrake only cuz i’m bmxican. no skids, just skill. depends on the trail and lines. everybody knows this tr. is for beer runs.

caliente - 04/23/14 - 5:21pm

The black and gold looks like the old John Player Special F1 cars.

Mindless - 04/23/14 - 5:22pm

There is a big difference between a proper rear brake and a coaster.

$600 for beer runs? You do not have an old bike in your garage for that?

satisFACTORYrider - 04/23/14 - 5:32pm

you’re right about the coaster. i am mindless. in all fairness any old bike is gonna be worth more than $600 clapped out from this sport. It’s hard to get a sixer while riding up on 20s on multiple levels.

peter harding - 04/23/14 - 9:24pm

how much for the clunker here in the Philippines I tried to buy a pure fixed wheel BUT they would not ship it to here?

turtle - 04/23/14 - 10:28pm

I put an old Roadmaster cruiser together as a klunker recently. I have more fun on that riding trails than on my 29er. 40 lbs of fun. AND I don’t cut ruts with the coaster brake.

nick mercer - 04/24/14 - 4:58am

are these new colours coming to the uk>

Salpha - 04/24/14 - 7:51am

If they made these with hand brakes and not a coaster, I would be all over it.

DJ - 04/29/14 - 11:02am

I have two brand new Gary Fisher Klunkers for sale if you want a sweet ride built and specked by the original MTB king … drop me a line if your interested.

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