SOC 14: Fezzari’s Prototypes Lighten up for Road, Add Discs and Thru Axles for Road and CX

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (3)

After a strong showing at last year’s SOC in the mountain bike department, Fezzari was back for 2014 with 3 new skinny tire prototypes. Whether you’re looking for standard road, road disc, or disc CX, Fezzari will have an option for you in the near future in line with their consumer direct sales model. That’s not to say the new bikes aren’t impressive looking machines though – Fezzari’s newest bikes look to be just as, if not more up to date with the latest trends as most major manufacturers.

Details next…

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (4)

Starting with the road disc frame, all of the models were on display in nondescript white paint with Prototype the only discernible name. Names, pricing, and availability are soon to come, but as far as the technical specifications go, the bikes are fairly complete.

Both the road disc and the CX bike take on the 142×12 rear axle standard, and much like Raleigh, they have managed to keep the overall width to a minimum while offering the improved stiffness of the thru axle. Since 142 is only adding 3.5 mm to each side of the axle, the cassette stays in the same position which means the wider axle doesn’t affect chainline.

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (5)

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (6) Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (7)

Fezzari had the road disc bike built with Reynolds’ new Stratus Pro disc wheelset, which is certainly among the first complete road specific disc wheel with a 142×12 compatible rear hub.

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (26)

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (9) Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (14)

Fezzari is also equipping the two disc models with their new 15mm thru axle equipped carbon fork. Capable of running a 140mm rotor front and rear, the road disc model has clearance for 28mm tires and will run a PF30 bb. Expected to be offered with hydraulic discs, road disc bikes will be available by the end of August.

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (11)

All of the new models will have modular cable routing which will allow for mechanical or electronic drivetrains.

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (16)

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (17)

If you’re shaking your head saying you don’t want thru axles or disc brakes, or any of it, check out Fezzari’s new high end road race bike. Using a new tube to tube carbon construction method, they were able to take a good chunk of weight out of the frame resulting in an 890g frame weight. Tyler from Fezzari made sure to point out that just because it’s light, doesn’t mean it’s not stiff saying, “it’s incredibly stiff for the weight.”

Tyler’s own test bike built and ready to ride with pedals and cages came out to 15.5 pounds with the build shown above. The frame will use a 27.2mm seat post, PF30 bb, and will be offered in Di2 and mechanical builds and should be available this June/July.

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (19)

Discs, thru axles, mud clearance – Fezzari’s new cross bike looks to have it all. Also using their new construction method for the frame, they were able to take 200g out of the weight of the frame which should make for a light, stiff race ready CX platform.

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (25) Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (28)

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (22)

Showing ample mud clearance around the tires, the cross bike is the only bike in the new line that uses a standard threaded BB.

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (20)

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (26) Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (23)

As mentioned the frame make use of a 15mm front and 142×12 rear thru axle, with the disc mounts on the seatstays instead of the chainstays like the road disc bike. Compatible with Di2 or mechanical systems, cable routing is internal and the frame runs a 31.6mm post. Expected retail is somewhere around $2500-3000 and it will be ready for cross season later this year.


Steven - 04/22/14 - 2:20pm

Sign me up for the cross bike.

Disc brakes, Thru Axles & a Threaded BB – Exactly what I’m looking for.

Lamborzini - 04/22/14 - 3:02pm

Road disc looks nice. Excellent brand name, if I say so myself.

Joe - 04/22/14 - 3:26pm

The BB on the CX bike looks to be the Wheels Mfg PF30 outboard BB even though the disc road bike on Roadbikereview’s youtube video looks like a regular threaded bb.

James - 04/22/14 - 4:20pm

That’s not a threaded bb, it is a praxis bb30/pf30 bottom bracket. It converts pf30 and bb30 frames to work with Shimano cranks.

wako29 - 04/22/14 - 4:57pm

Can someone please help me understand why anyone would want a 31.6 post on a CX (or any hardtail) bike? Heavier component, heavier frame, less compliant, and I don’t really see the advantage.

Steven McGrath - 04/22/14 - 5:29pm

The picture of the supposed road fork is actually the cx fork; no?

TRP caliper/shallow rims?

dogboy - 04/22/14 - 5:34pm

@wako29 – well, one of those three things is true – they are generally less compliant. Otherwise they are lighter (compare the weight of a 27.2 and 31.6 Thomson Elite seatpost) and the seat tube can be lighter for the same reason. You also have much more surface area between the seat tube and seatpost which means less torque to hold the post in place.

Mindless - 04/22/14 - 6:35pm

If you do front disk, and through axle, what is the point of only leaving clearance for 28mm? Should be at least 32.

wako29 - 04/22/14 - 7:04pm

@dogboy: Thomson may be the one exception, but we just weighed two of the same model in Ritchey (27.2 vs 30.9) and Bontrager (27.2 vs 31.6) posts in the shop. Guess which one was lighter? The SMALLER one. Weird, eh?
See, on the internet I’m cooler than you :)

Mindless - 04/22/14 - 8:03pm

Nobody cares about seatposts other than Thomson’s.

Not that cool guy - 04/22/14 - 11:46pm

+1 for mindless

Ajax - 04/23/14 - 1:21am

Give them props for the discs, thru axles, and a road frame. Not many road frames out there with thru axles, so this is good to see.

Yeah, and I gotta echo the comment fro Mindless. It’s got discs. Great. Check. How about keeping the road fork at an axle to crown of 365-370mm, but keep the fork blades far apart enough so that it not only fits 28mm tires, but also 32mm tires? Let’s do this.

3G - 04/23/14 - 8:34am

I just can’t get passed the name.

3G - 04/23/14 - 8:35am

^^^ugh past.

peter w - 04/26/14 - 1:27am

looks a damn sight better than those ridiculous e-bike things, THIS is the future!

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