SOC 14: Vee Tire Co. Teases Epic Edition 29er Treads, More Options for BMX

Vee Rubber Tires New Epice conditions (2)

More options are always a good thing right? Coming off their recently announced partnership with Team Meerendal at the Cape Epic, the tire line will be developed and tested by the team with a release date in the future. None of the three new tread patterns have their own name just yet, but they each have a distinct tread pattern and what Vee is calling their 29 Endurance Compound. If you haven’t noticed, Vee Tire Co. has been ramping up production and introducing quite a few new tires and treads in all disciplines across the board – including road and cross.

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Vee Rubber Tires New Epice conditions (5)

Vee Rubber Tires New Epice conditions (4) Vee Rubber Tires New Epice conditions (3)

Built with generously sized casings and aggressive tread blocks, the tires should appeal to 29″ riders looking for high volume, grippy tires. No word on when any of these will be available, but we’re told they may be offered in sizes up to 29×2.5″.

Vee Rubber Tires New Epice conditions (7)

Vee Rubber Tires New Epice conditions (8) Vee Rubber Tires New Epice conditions (6)

In addition to the sweet Van’s inspired tire Vee is making for Cult BMX, Vee will have some new tires of their own including the 18×1″ mini speedster. The Mini joins the new 20×1.95 Speedster Whiite Wall and the Capsule 20×2.25. The Capsule will fill the gap in their line up of an aggressive street oriented BMX tire in addition to their racing and dirt tires.


Andy - 04/21/14 - 5:51pm

Aww yisss, we need some decent 29×2.5 inch options and these would fit the bill (and my bikes) perfect!

M - 04/21/14 - 6:17pm

I smell another lawsuit from Specialized…

blantonator - 04/21/14 - 6:17pm

‘Epic’ Edition. If i were Specialized, i’d be calling my lawyers.

Pacific - 04/21/14 - 7:08pm

Scroll up and down on the 2nd picture with your mouse wheel and it looks like the tire is moving!!!

d - 04/21/14 - 9:16pm

‘Pacific’ gets the award for most useful comment in a loooong time. Thanks for the heads up! works awesome!

Josh - 04/21/14 - 10:35pm

@Pacific – that almost made me vomit. Trippy

Willem - 04/22/14 - 1:58am

I don’t really like vee rubber. Their tires run small and quality is lacking, tubeless doesn’t set up well either.

sean - 04/22/14 - 2:49am

They are called the epic edition as they were designed specifically for the cape epic mtb race, has nothing to do with spazticalized

Darryn - 04/22/14 - 7:25am

Neither did Cafe Roubaix.

Zach D - 04/22/14 - 10:25am

+1 on 2.5

WG - 04/24/14 - 1:19am

Lawsuit from Specialized coming in 3…2…1…

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