SOC14: Scorpion Builds Moto Style Stands For Bicycles

Scorpion Bike Stand (2)As a cyclist who adheres faithfully to the ancient “N+1” proverb (where N is the number of bikes currently owned), I am always searching for new ways to maximize my existing storage. So in addition to wall mounted solutions, I also have a fleet of floor stands for visiting two wheeled friends, and the occasional photo mission.

Recently a new bike stand caught my eye at a motorcycle race, and I was able to catch up with the company at Sea Otter to learn more about the product…

Scorpion Bike Stand (5)Developed by a moto geek, the design mimics the way a common motorcycle stand supports a dirt bike. Instead of serving as a base on which to rest the motorcycles frame, the Scorpion Bike Stand has a long spindle which fits through the hole in your crank.

Scorpion Bike Stand (8)The beauty of the design is that it’s a one size fit all type of deal. You can use it hold up any type of bicycle regardless of wheelsize, and you can even spin the cranks as long as you’re rocking clippies.

The Scorpion has a 10mm “stinger” welded on, but comes with two different plastic adapters which slide on, to help accommodate larger crank holes. This allows you to fine tune the stand to work better.

Scorpion Bike Stand travel size There is also a travel version for racers, which can be pulled apart and then reassembled with only one bolt.Scorpion Bike Stand Race Plate For teams who want to show off a little more team spirit, Scorpion also sells these metal plates which mount to the stand, so you can display your team decals.Scorpion Bike Stand different colors
The pricing we have was Sea Otter specific, but you can order your own Scorpion Stand online. Prices begin at $70, but vary depending on features and colors.


Surly Shawn - 04/18/14 - 9:19am


gibbon - 04/18/14 - 9:25am
He’s only been making them for 4 years though.

Bob - 04/18/14 - 10:29am

Seems limited and soon to be dated with the next bottom bracket craze. Of the 5 bikes in my garage it’s only compatible with 1. Better options at the same or better pricing out there.

dl - 04/18/14 - 11:34am

Unless I’m not seeing it, this doesn’t seem to be compatible with any hollowtech II road crank.

aaron - 04/18/14 - 12:18pm

what is the metal? if aluminum great. i’d use it as a wash stand. If it’s steel, wouldn’t want it because with time it will just look like a rusty mess. (i hate rusty looking stuff)

velorider - 04/18/14 - 12:30pm

Aaron has made it clear that rust is a problem for him. thank you

Derek - 04/18/14 - 12:55pm

Uh, dl, the second picture is it with a Hollowtech 2 crank

Steven - 04/18/14 - 1:12pm

@ Derek

Hollowtech II road cranks don’t have an open hole in the crank that exposes the spindle.

Boogerman - 04/18/14 - 2:24pm

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Hollowtech??

Derek - 04/18/14 - 2:25pm

Whoops, missed the road bike part. You guys are right.

aaron - 04/18/14 - 4:44pm

@velorider. you must ride and like steel bicycle frames of any level (minus stainless) yes everything i own or will own in the future has to be ti, stainless steel, or aluminum.

not to beat a dead horse but, yes a have a big f#¢king problem with rusty looking stuff.

Psi Squared - 04/19/14 - 7:44pm

FYI, stainless steel will rust, aaron.

Antipodean_G - 04/20/14 - 2:47am

@Psi Squared depends on the grade, the mix and how much salt you throw at it. Good (ie. NOT Chinese made) SS is pretty much rust free.

aaron - 04/20/14 - 12:23pm

@Antipodean_G well said sir, thank you

@Psi Squared FYI there is a difference between rust and corrosion. someone understands, see the comment below yours. if still confused look up the definitions.

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