SOC14: Mystery C6 Composites Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Wheels Spotted


Spotted at the X-Fusion booth aboard a Santa Cruz Nomad were these Carbon 6 Composites wheels. Unfortunately, no one could really talk about them, so here’s what we could figure out:

Hubs have a 20mm thru axle front, which is what the X-Fusion Metric enduro fork runs, and a 12×142 rear. Rim width appeared up around 35mm from our eyeballing, befitting the bike they were on. Check some pics below and leave your own speculation in the comments…

prototype C6 Composites carbon fiber mountain bike wheels

prototype C6 Composites carbon fiber mountain bike wheels


dead - 04/14/14 - 10:31am

I thought 26 was dead?

Rob - 04/14/14 - 7:31pm

But what are they made out of?

MissedThePoint - 04/14/14 - 8:05pm

Why does the hub shell taper to be smaller near the disc side on that front wheel? Did they fit a larger bearing on the other side and could only cram a small one on the disc side? Wonder if the disc side flange is taller than the other side or not.

Cisco - 04/15/14 - 1:00am

These rims look SICK all around …. wonder what the price tag is on em

thanks for sharing

lars - 04/15/14 - 3:52pm

WHO can tell wich for is used in the giant behind the Santa Cruz?

SirShan - 07/30/14 - 12:35pm

Fork looks like X-Fusion to me…

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