SOC14: FatBack’s Corvus Fat bike Makes an appearance in Carbon

Fatback Corvus fat bike carbon (1)

Where there’s one fat bike there is usually another, which was the case when we caught up with the Salsa crew with their new BuckSaw full suspension fat bikes. It just so happened that there was another new fat bike in the mix with Greg and Fuzzy from Fatback bikes rolling the first production versions of their Corvus carbon fat bike.

First seen as a 3D model at Interbike, the Corvus joins the ranks as a symmetric ultra fat bike that is intended for winter riding and everything in between…

Fatback Corvus fat bike carbon (7)

Fatback Corvus fat bike carbon (2) Fatback Corvus fat bike carbon (3)

Looking almost identical to the model we saw, the Corvus is a good looking angular carbon frame that uses a tapered head tube, 100mm threaded bb with a direct mount front derailleur mount, and post mount disc brakes. Even though the frame is carbon, Corvus includes rear rack mounts for carrying all of your gear.

Fatback Corvus fat bike carbon (6) Fatback Corvus fat bike carbon (4)

To accommodate 4.8″ tires on 100mm rims, the Corvus runs a 197×12 rear and 135×15 front axle spacing.

 Fatback Corvus fat bike carbon (8)

Most fat bikes like the Corvus make excellent 29+ conversions for the summer months as illustrated by Fuzzy’s bike. Pricing is TBD, but the Corvus will be available soon.




Mike - 04/12/14 - 12:56pm

Forget the big wheel bike, where can I get a DT Swiss beach ball?

haromania - 04/12/14 - 4:33pm

That is one sweet looking machine. Curious what hubs those are? Hadley’s? Fatback imports? Something else?

Keith - 04/12/14 - 9:07pm

They have an I9 logo on them….

drewsey junction - 04/13/14 - 12:19am

who’s split-pivot fatbike is that in the last photo?

haromania - 04/13/14 - 8:30am

Ahhh, thanks. Feel stupid now, but I honestly didn’t know what their logo was.

Burnt Orange - 04/13/14 - 12:54pm

will the bluto fit ?

sunny - 04/17/14 - 7:32am

Greg, the godfather of Fatbacks, comes through with another amazing design, he is a true innovator and a legend in the world of fat bikes!! ; P

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