Sneak Peek: Magura’s New 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake

Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0885

Lurking behind the curtain at the back of their booth, Magura had a special new brake that isn’t quite ready to be released. The 4 piston monster looks like it will be an answer for those looking for gobs of power mated to a light weight design. The brakes won’t officially be released until later this year, but we have a bit more information after the break…

Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0884

The new, nameless brake uses a top loading pad design with 4 separate pads. we’re told this could have something to do with heat management.

Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0889

No those aren’t both MTB brake pads, on the left is the motorcycle equivalent of the mountain bike brake pad. Why do motorcycles have anything to do with the brake?

Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0888

Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0887

That’s because the new mountain bike brake is basically a mini-me version of a super-moto brake caliper that Magura actually makes. Both calipers use a triple arch design in a one piece caliper for massive stiffness with 4 pistons.

Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0886

Brake levers will include their own knitted koozys… or not. Magura wasn’t ready to reveal everything just yet.

Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0880

Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0882 Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0881

Other motorcycle parts floating around the booth included this new BMW clutch lever and master cylinder which will be specced on a new bike. The lever uses the same Carbotechture construction as Magura’s moutain bike brakes, yet is strong enough for use on a motorcycle. The other interesting thing here is that this clutch assembly uses mineral oil instead of standard oil.

Stay tuned for more on the new brake.



Robbie Mubbledutt - 04/12/14 - 9:37am

“Both calipers use a triple arch design in a one piece caliper for massive stiffness…” So glad you guys are still just regurgitating the jibberish you hear from marketing flacks. For a moment there, I was afraid you had started thinking critically.

Flip - 04/12/14 - 9:42am

Looks like an owl.

Andre - 04/12/14 - 2:25pm

So far so good, I really liked the caliper design. This brakeset deserves some PROTI fully forged Titanium bolts to complete the package! good stuff - 04/12/14 - 3:13pm

It’s called MT7.

klick here for preview at Benni Strasser’s Teambike. incl. their levers 😉

Kevin - 04/12/14 - 5:33pm

There are three arcs and the caliper in one piece. What else would you call it?

Kenjo - 04/12/14 - 8:26pm

i’m with robbie, it smacks of marketingspeak.

greg - 04/12/14 - 9:39pm

I’d call it 1.5 McDonald’s

jm - 04/13/14 - 1:03am

I call it sexxy

'Ol 'Shel - 04/14/14 - 12:36am

For Robbie and Kevin:

“Here brake. Brake stop wheel. You buy brake.”

matt - 04/18/14 - 10:03pm, thanks for the link…. The brake looks awesome

David Rose - 04/27/14 - 10:21am

Most of the stopping force comes from the leading edge of the pad- so more leading edges, more stopping force. And hopefully it’ll be a radial mount master cylinder- better feel. And kinda’ looks like it.

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