Must Watch: Cedric Gracia – Lost In Taiwan

During the Taipei Show we were lucky enough to hang out with Cedric and the Lezyne crew a bit, and this video is a pretty good representation of the trip. At the heart of the Asian bicycle manufacturing scene, Taipei and Taichung serve as home to many factories in the industry. But few are as modern as Lezyne’s. Cedric got the full Taiwan experience – from riding in the lush mountains to trying chicken hearts, pork knuckle and squid on a stick on the streets of Taichung. This video gives you a quick look into Lezyne’s Taichung digs, but check back for our own full factory tour soon.


PROEDGEBIKER.COM - 04/11/14 - 9:07am

Nice to see a DRIFT INNOVATION GHOST-S on the side of his helmet instead of the soap box.

viro - 04/11/14 - 9:08am

OMG! - 04/11/14 - 9:51am

I too am happy to see commercial product advertising replace altruistic well-meaning causes, and would never use my own fame, nor this very message thread, to stand atop my own soapbox, but as tools to be wielded in the high art of self-promotion, always for-profit. Always, in accordance with the fundamentals of extremist consumerism, in corporate logos we trust, USA USA USA.

Nice video.

Mario - 04/12/14 - 9:00am

The Video won’t load on iOS

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