Sneak Peak: New 150mm Travel Juliana Roubion

Spotted over on Instagram, this new 150mm travel 650b model from Juliana Bikes – the women’s offshoot of Santa Cruz Mountain bikes – will be announced shortly.

The mountain bike will be based on the same platform as the extremely capable (and very popular) Bronson model, but will feature women’s specific components. On previous Juliana models, this has entailed narrower bars, smaller grips, special saddle, etc…

For women looking to expand their comfort zones and tackle demanding new terrain, this new model is exciting news. The ad appears to have hit new stands before the official press launch was sent out, and the bike does not currently appear on the Juliana website, but we’ll update you as soon as we learn more!


Eat Ride Grow - 04/05/14 - 2:19pm

Sooo… a Bronson with different bits…

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 04/05/14 - 4:33pm

A Brason…..?

Alen Leo - 04/05/14 - 9:17pm

I wish Juliana bikes fit taller women. My wife is 5 foot 11 and is too tall for their bikes. She currently rides a men’s large blur.

Marc - 04/06/14 - 1:37am

Juliana and SC bikes have same geo, just different colours/branding and kit (ie, narrower bars to suit women) …. better off buying SC frameset and building up.

aaron - 04/06/14 - 12:33pm

@ Alen Leo, don’t see the problem…whatever fits.

Alen Leo - 04/08/14 - 8:13am

@ aaron, the Juliana’s have better paint schemes for the ladies!! Heh!

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