Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Piestewa Peak, Phoenix

bikerumor pic of the day phoenix az bike ride

Photo submitted by Todd Prynn, “A great evening ride before the sun went down when we had some light rain and clouds to make the trail traction perfect on the Trails in Piestewa Park here in Phoenix.”

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phil - 04/04/14 - 3:16pm

I may have been brainwashed… but the more i look at them, the more 26″ wheels look tiny and cute and a bit silly to me. No offense to Todd!

Just a general observation, while i’m still riding a 26er steel hardtail myself!

Keith - 04/04/14 - 5:06pm


Dave Alexander - 09/18/15 - 1:43pm

trying to reach Todd Prynn. He and I went to China together with a group and raced in a triathlon. Please help if you can.

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