Niner Drops $300 Off Air 9 RDO Carbon Frame Retail Prices

Niner Bikes drops AIR9 RDO frame prices to 1799 USD

Looking to make your race hardtail a bit lighter without the accompanying weight drop to your wallet? The Niner Air9 RDO has just dropped to $1,799 retail, down from $2,099. That’s for the frame only, in either Niner Green or Arctic White, as shown. The Air 9 Carbon is still $1,399, but the extra 400 beans gives you a frame that’s about a half pound lighter and laid up a little stiffer and racier.

At the moment, Niner’s rep says this doesn’t mean anything new’s in the pipeline to replace it, they’re just making it easier for racers to upgrade their bike. We’re waiting to hear back if complete bikes also see a price drop and will update when we do.


Quickie - 04/03/14 - 10:11am

Buy two.

What - 04/03/14 - 10:23am

All this means is we cannot sell bikes, so we better lower the price before we are stuck with too many.

Ryan - 04/03/14 - 10:30am

My guess? 12×142 which would be the next step. Surprised they didn’t go this direction already.

Jugdish - 04/03/14 - 10:41am

I hope they have too many! Come July they’ll be under a 1k.

methats who - 04/03/14 - 10:48am

One 9 RDO already available and thats the upgrade

Brody - 04/03/14 - 10:54am

This is very good news. Good to see proving actually coming down for a change once they’ve had production up and running.

Mindless - 04/03/14 - 11:34am

Or you can just order $400 original.

JMS - 04/03/14 - 11:46am

Niner lost me with their prices on the new bike I’m getting.
Tough for them (or not)

BT - 04/03/14 - 12:45pm

Niner is feeling the 650b heat…it isn’t too late for them to start a sister company called Tweener.

Eric - 04/03/14 - 1:18pm

I don’t think this is the bike that would first have the price drop due to a 650 explosion that would probly be the WFO first. They probably just made enough money to cover the R&D so they don’t need to make as much money to cover their bottom line. Good on you niner keep it up.

matt - 04/03/14 - 3:44pm

@ Eric, they are definitely not dropping prices out of the goodness of their hearts. Their hand is being forced in someway – 650 pressure, new spacing, to much production, etc….

The funny thing about this company is that the first thing they teach you in even the most elementary marketing class is – don’t name you company something that puts it into a box or places restrictions on growth in the future. If you want to grow your new bank into a nation brand, don’t name it Bank of Sonoma. You get the idea.

BT - 04/03/14 - 4:07pm

Anyone that thinks that Niner lowered the price out of kindness is delusional.

Burt - 04/03/14 - 4:56pm

The price was lowered on the Air 9 RDO to help it compete against the One 9 RDO. They’re not clearing it out and no, 27.5″ sales really aren’t hurting them. In relation to the whole bike market, 29″ bikes are still very strong. If their name was sixer, then they’d be in deep trouble.

Topmounter - 04/03/14 - 5:16pm

$300 is not the decision point between a 29″ and a 650b hard tail.

Bobby J. - 04/03/14 - 5:22pm

Pivot has the Pivot Les… How about Niner comes out with 27.5’s and calls them Niner Not! No harm no foul…

Eric - 04/03/14 - 7:24pm

You know being optimistic is allowed everyone in a while, yes even on a cycling forum as hard as that is to believe based on the typical bikerumor comments. Especially in a case such as this that none of us actually have a say in. Although, maybe a glass half empty would seem lighter?

Tavern Puzzle - 04/04/14 - 7:26am

TI heard that there is a redesign coming to make the cable routing even more difficult.

FarmerJohn - 04/04/14 - 9:52am

tooling paid off+650b= discounts

K11 - 04/04/14 - 11:02am

i feel the reason is that riders are just starting to get tired of the whole everything HAS to be carbon. For what niner was charging, there are custom frame options out there that once you are in the $2100 dollar range, you are so close to a custom frame sized for you with the features you want and minus the things you don’t need. (with the durability to last a looong time.)

not to mention, the resale value after a couple seasons.

badbikemechanic - 04/06/14 - 12:52pm

Great more green niners out on the race course. For all the haters on this forum, niner is likely dropping the price just to clear them out for the next model year/color. Also the word is that Niner’s giant bottom bracket is a complete turd.

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