Timbuk2 Unveils Dehydration Pack – Take the Keg With You!

Timbuk2 partnered with local brewing legend, Anchor Brewing to develop the first ever dehydration pack.


Gunnstein - 04/01/14 - 8:45am

Purple ano or not, I’ll have one.

NASH - 04/01/14 - 8:51am

I didn’t realise it was a joke till the end, you would have to be a monster to be able ride around with a keg on your back otherwise its a sound idea.

Zap? - 04/01/14 - 9:37am

Be prepared for an onslaught of stupid April Fools pranks on the internet today.

ken - 04/01/14 - 10:09am

Charge 5$ per solo cup and 50¢ per mile at critical ass

Brad - 04/01/14 - 10:32am

Now get serious and make one for a quarter or sixth barrel. Where do I put my money?

satisFACTORYrider - 04/01/14 - 11:24am

a tub of this swill and that mini tool stand is perfect for drunk wrenchin. i’m in.

johnnyd - 04/01/14 - 12:34pm

Reminds me of the Blackburn bottle cage that held a 5-gallon water jug :-)

Dockboy - 04/01/14 - 4:52pm

No CO2 system? Amateurs.

Jack - 04/01/14 - 6:01pm

Finally!! Customers have been begging for this kind of innovation! Now we need savory energy bars. (First bacon/cheese, then salted peanut)

jason - 04/01/14 - 11:24pm

1/6th barrels are way more practical for such a devise. At 5 gallons there’s still plenty to share.

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