Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 650B Mountain Bike Gets Official, Plus Limited Edition Burry Stander Epic


At the beginning of March, Specialized showed off 650B tires. Then we weighed them. And then we waited, knowing surely the Big S must have some bikes to put them on. Now they do, and dealers got the first heads up with these images and spec sheets…and the bikes have just hit Specialized’s website.

Word is, the new Specialized Stumpjumper 650B bikes will replace the 26″ models altogether, but for now a few of the small wheeled models are still listed. The 29er Stumpy FSR range is as expansive as ever. So far, two models are announced, the FSR Carbon Expert EVO (shown above) and alloy Comp EVO. They’ll bring along new Roval 650B wheels, too. Check out specs and more models below…

*Updated* With frame only color options


It’s 150mm travel front and rear, and the EVO moniker means it’s a bit slacker and more aggressive. We’re not saying it’s for enduro, after all they still have a model called exactly that, but, well, here it is.


Retail for the Carbon Expert EVO 650B is $6,500.



The alloy Stumpjumper FSR Comp EVO 650B gets M5 hydroformed tubing with the same 150mm of travel.


Retail is $3,300 for the Comp EVO 650B, and here’s what you get:



Frame Only Options650B Stumpjumper Frame Only Colors (2)

650B Stumpjumper Frame Only Colors (1)Prefer to build your bikes up from scratch? Specialized will be offering frame only options in these two colors. We’re partial to the racer red ourselves.



Last January, pro rider Burry Stander was killed during training, and now Specialized has released this very special edition tribute bike.


Specialized will donate $50,000 from sales of this bike to Burry’s favorite charity, Songo. Check the video about Burry and the bike that’s been created to honor him. More details on the bike here.



MissedThePoint - 03/28/14 - 1:35pm

34T chainring on the carbon XO1 version, nice choice. I like the Burry Stander vid. Never knew the guy, but get the impression that he was very cool and see why he is missed.

Tyler Benedict - 03/28/14 - 2:24pm

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pigeon.mcgoo - 03/28/14 - 2:31pm

The fastest riders do not ride Specialized mountain bikes:
2013 WC DH: Men – Devinci / Women – GT
2013 WC XCO: Men – Scott / Women – Trek
2013 Enduro World Series: Men – Cannondale / Women – Trek

satisFACTORYrider - 03/28/14 - 2:40pm

jeezuz, mr.mcgoo. lay off the google-aid. who cares?

Ilikeicedtea - 03/28/14 - 2:47pm


So? Are you saying other brands aren’t good because someone won a race series riding a different brand- wins which are largely based on talent and training, and not which bicycle they ride.

I assume you drive an Infiniti, because they won the F1 series.

Ilikeicedtea - 03/28/14 - 2:48pm


So? Are you saying other brands aren’t good because someone won a race series riding a different brand- wins which are largely based on talent and training, and not which bicycle they ride.

I assume you drive an Infiniti, because they won the F1 series.

Ck - 03/28/14 - 2:54pm

A 650b Stumpy sounds like a super fun trail bike.

MissedThePoint - 03/28/14 - 3:32pm

Need a zoom up on that mini upper chain guide.

MissedThePoint - 03/28/14 - 3:36pm

Also, wonder if the moto style brake orientation is standard.

herrow prease - 03/28/14 - 4:26pm


Who won the 2012 olympics, and the 2011 WC/XC and 2011 WC/XC overall?

Ok thanks,

Nick - 03/28/14 - 4:39pm

Didn’t specialized make a big deal about how 650 was a trend that wouldn’t catch on? Not judging, just pointing out…
Truth be told it seemed inevitable

C - 03/28/14 - 6:15pm

Trend or no trend, at the end of the day it’s about supply and demand, and making a profit and continuing to innovate. There is a market for 650b/27.5″ bikes, so specialized pretty much had to engage to keep the other major bike manufacturers in check. Whether it’s good or bad, 26″ vs 27.5″ vs 29″ wheels, mountain bikers have even more options these days, and that’s great.

John Hansen - 03/28/14 - 6:35pm

I’m hoping for a singlespeed 650b from specialized. No specialized did not say it was a trend, they did say they have looked at 650b and were not ready to release a bike.
Races are won on bikes of all sizes of wheels. lets be honest, most of these bikes are coming out of the same factories, and have either sram or shimano bolted on to them.

Someday I’d like to see HONEST testing and reviews. frames from everybody all painted black, no logos, no ID what soever test ridden and reviewed

dude - 03/28/14 - 8:22pm

@nick They never really said that, they took more of a we are going to wait and see and keep testing. But they certainly were not a huge cheerleader of the idea.

Aa - 03/28/14 - 9:46pm

Shophead sez-they’ll ship April Fool’s day. They (Bikerumor) shared this already and it was removed…

Sardinian Rider - 03/29/14 - 3:43am

I’m not gong to get one,I’m not going to get one,I’m not going to get one…….sh*t just got one…

sardinian rider - 03/29/14 - 4:57am

I bet we’ll never see the Brain on this one..

K stanley - 03/29/14 - 7:52am

Remember asking a local specialized dealer ( live in Australia) if they thought a Burry Stander edition bike would come out . Lots of South Africans in Aus and they were all angry and sad that what happened to Burry , happens so often. His wife is tenacious and keeps competing herself, he wasn’t just a great rider but a great human being. Read about him.

Tyler Benedict - 03/29/14 - 9:37am

All – Several shops are reporting in they should have these bikes in stock as early as Monday, most by end of week if they’ve ordered them.

John - 03/29/14 - 12:28pm

Isnt Specialized’s tagline “Innovate or die”?

What have they innovated lately?

29er wheels – they said they were stupid, then adopted.
Fatbikes – they said no, then adopted
650b – they said no, then adopted

FSR was purchased, S-Works cranks were purchased, Womens specific – others did it first.

Am I missing something here? Have they done ANY innovation? Or just purchasing and copying?

And then there is that litigation mess of theirs…….

goridebikes - 03/29/14 - 9:02pm

So, when does SantaCruz get to sue for using the color of the Bronson on its direct competitor?

Mindless - 03/30/14 - 3:26am

My personal feeling about the brand is highly relevant for a PR piece. Specialized are full of it.

theYank - 03/30/14 - 12:18pm

So Specialized will donate $50k to charity from the [150 bikes released X $11000 each =] $1,650,000?? How generous of them. Putting a dead person’s name on something in order to turn a larger profit.

em2 - 03/30/14 - 1:57pm

Last summer they said that they have no plans for 650b …
A few months later they have one with the same old school links with no Brain and they call it “EVO” ?

D - 03/30/14 - 4:01pm

“So Specialized will donate $50k to charity from the [150 bikes released X $11000 each =] $1,650,000?? How generous of them. Putting a dead person’s name on something in order to turn a larger profit.”

Ah yes, this is how the large scale bicycle production economy works. Because, of course, the bikes are commissioned, coordinated, made, specced, assembled, shipped, marketed and represented for free so everything else must be pure profit, curse those unfeeling capitalist pigs!

MotoPete - 03/31/14 - 5:52am


A - 04/01/14 - 5:13pm

Looks like they’ve used a 29er main frame with a cup to lengthen the headtube, does anyone know if this is true?

Devon - 04/02/14 - 10:39pm

Honestly? I think Specialized is 100% correct in calling this a 650b and NOT 27.5″. Because it’s not a 27.5″ size.

Giant was the catalyst for calling the bikes 27.5 as you recall not long ago- very late to the party and failed attempt at a line of 29ers. So “lets push hard at this ”’in between”’ wheel size and call it 27.5″ when in reality, it is just 24mm bigger than 26″.

Arvi - 04/03/14 - 11:08pm

Ha-ha. Good one, D. Kidding aside, it would be nice to know if Burry’s family gets some compensation. After all, that’s his name Specialized is using for ‘Charity’. 50K, on the other hand, is not bad. Retailers will get their profits too. But yes indeed, Spesh will get their share.

As for bikers and bikes winning, it’s both. You win on a bike that fits you and your techniques well. Can’t win on a poorly performing bike. And you can’t win if you’re not in top shape, don’t have the right skills or have no strategy to succeed. Having said that, there are exceptional riders. Take Nino Schurter. He wins a lot of races on a Scott XC bike. But who else on a Scott XC bike wins? Hardly anyone else. Now take Specialized. Dual Gold in the 2012 Olympics. Lots of Cape Epic Golds. This year’s Epic saw Spesh riders take the silver in Men’s and the Gold in Women’s. What’s remarkable is that they are not always the same riders that win. in 2011, of the overall Top 30 XC riders in the series, 7 were Spesh riders. More than any other bike brand. I didn’t look into 2012 and 2013, but now I’m curious. Take Pinarello bikes, how many TDFs did this brand win in the past years. Lots. How many different riders? Lots. Sometimes, its the bike. But the biker will still need to be fit, prepared and motivated.

As for innovation, it’s not always what you made first. That’s invention. It’s what you put together successfully to make something better. Out of the box thinking. That’s innovation. Like Audi with the LED lights, Like Canon with their DSLR. Like Apple with the iPod and iPhone. They weren’t first, but the way they put it together made the most sense to their audience. Is Specialized innovative? I think so. But so are the other bike makers – Cervelo, Ibis, Trek, Look, Scott, Cannondale, Bianchi, etc. They’re all innovative. But really, they need to.

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