Must Watch: Fairdale takes R&D to the Extreme with Aero 2×4 Bikes, More

Fairdale gets it. With a catalog of smartly equipped, stylish, reasonably priced bikes, they seem to get that bikes are fun. Any bikes. To ensure this, they have an extremely advanced R&D program to develop the next big thing, and guarantee their bikes are living up to their fun potential. Taj Mihelich and Leif Valin take a spin on some aerodynamic 2×4 bikes, and a Fender Bass bicycle with a few twists. Try to watch this without cracking at least one smile, I think it may be impossible. 

For more bicycle fun and an indication that the kids are all right, watch on…

As a member of the Roaring Mouse team, Michael German is no stranger to the bike. Which he shows while slashing up the Sutro forest on his Cinelli MASH single speed CX bike. Shot and edited by Peter Koch. You know, just your normal 15 year olds…

Deity: Enduro Is Going Downhill. Literally? Figuratively? Ah, it doesn’t really matter, just watch the video and enjoy Bas van Steenbergen killing it on his bike. Filmed and edited by Rupert Walker.

Sam and Tobias Pantling did a little US road trip, and on the fifth day they found Captain Ahab, in Moab. Good riding, good filming, makes us want to be riding there right now.

Five Days In from Pantling Media Shack on Vimeo.

Let It Ride 5 – Propain RidingStyle Enduro Team from Johannes Gauder on Vimeo.

Rider: Fabian Arzberger, Sebastian Gallery, Matthias Wengenroth
Bike: Propain Tyee
Musik: Halo in Pause – Envy Me ( )
StereoDrama – The Game ( )



wheelguy - 03/28/14 - 8:40am


ABW - 03/28/14 - 8:51am

That made my day. Some really talented riders hidden in all that silliness.

uglyyeti - 03/28/14 - 9:02am

A 2″ bunny hop on an Xtracycle is much more impressive than it looks.

il Bruce - 03/28/14 - 9:27am

Monty is the best.

Doug B - 03/28/14 - 10:45am

Fairdale = Win

pmurf - 03/28/14 - 1:12pm

When Specialized builds a wind tunnel, you have to get creative to compete in the research game.

ccolagio - 03/28/14 - 1:41pm

…i lost it at the pallet bike. that was amazing. i want to ride bikes with those guys!

Pacific - 03/28/14 - 2:55pm


buriedundersnow - 03/28/14 - 6:14pm

Monty Rules! Keep on keepin’ Fairdale….

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