Brian Lopes Joins Intense Cycles

Earlier this month, Brian Lopes and Ibis Cycles split ways after a successful seven year long partnership. During that time, Brian helped proved the versatility of the company’s product line by winning a XC Eliminator World Cup race and laying down the law several years in a row at the Whistler Air DH race.

Today, it has been revealed officially after much speculation online that Lopes will be joining forces with another American brand – Intense Cycles. While he has never “technically” raced their bikes, those of you who remember his time as a Mongoose sponsored rider will recall he frequently rallied a rebranded Intense M1 to the top spot of the podium early in his career.

This sponsorship is just one in a series of steps Intense has made this year to invigorate their brand – including hiring a new CEO, COO, & CFO, in addition to launching a new hallmark bike.


Los - 03/25/14 - 3:19pm

I miss hbcutthecoursein1990 so much

Rico - 03/25/14 - 4:10pm

Dude takes a lot of flak for his style and personality, but god d*mn he is talented. I have enjoyed watching his career for about 30 years from BMX teen until now. I think the dude is 43 years old, mental.

rowerowy - 03/26/14 - 4:20am

Lopes = awesome skill!

I read his book and I recommend it for every beginner. Lot of usefull info.

captain derp - 03/26/14 - 11:04am

how much did intense have to expand their parking lot?

rodeo - 03/27/14 - 9:48am

They now have two extra spaces for every Intense he owns. Plus a half space per win, per year, not to exceed 14 spaces in any given year.

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