Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Oranges On The Costa Blanca

bikerumor pic of the day orange grove on the costa blanca

Photo submitted by John Lillie.

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Brian - 03/25/14 - 8:27am

Orange Fatty? Wha? Where’d that come from?

Kristi Benedict - 03/25/14 - 8:53am

@Brian, it’s an On One fat bike.

Ryan - 03/25/14 - 9:28am

Sharp looking bike. Beautiful shade of an “orangey brownish red orange”—at least on my screen.

Ryan - 03/25/14 - 9:29am

…way, way, wayyyy too many gears though.

Brian - 03/25/14 - 12:12pm

@Kristi – I know. I’ve only seen them in white and didn’t know they were available in orange too. I presume the fork is the new On One Fatty carbon?

brant - 03/25/14 - 12:20pm

Fork is a customers repainted Fatty Carbon fork. He repainted the frame himself too.

Nice job!

Bazz - 03/25/14 - 2:44pm

Fattys just growing on trees then? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Great colour though!

David Ansell - 03/25/14 - 3:08pm

I like that a lot… thinking of painting mine too but don’t want to do it till I get my carbon fork.. On one…… where’s my fork??? 😉

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