Taipei First Look: Xentis Rolls Extremely Light Squad 2.5 SL High Modulus Wheels, Plus new Carbon Brake Pads

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You want light? How does 890g per set sound? That’s the claimed weight of the new Xentis Squad SL 2.5 High Modulus wheelset. To be introduced first in their 2.5/25mm depth, the shallow wheels are just the first in a full line of SL wheels which will include 4.2, 5.8, and 7.5 depths in both tubular and clincher. Hand made in Austria like the rest of the line up, we have to assume that in spite of the insanely low weight these wheels will be plenty durable, though if you’re concerned there is both a 16 and 20 spoke option for the front wheel.

To go along with their machined carbon brake tracks, Xentis has a new brake pad compound – details after the jump.

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At the center of the light weights is a pair of Austrian made carbon hubs that weigh 220g for the pair. Laced with bladed straight pull spokes, there will be 16 or 20 front spokes as mentioned and 21 rear. Pricing and availability is to be determined but look for these closer to Eurobike. Xentis will also have a new Squad 2.5 MTB version which should come in around 1220g per set. The 650b wheels will have a wider rim with a 24mm internal width, and will be offered in QR or TA in both front and rear, with all freehub bodies available.

xentis-x13-racing-brake-pads-for-carbon-and-alloy-wheels01 xentis-x13-racing-brake-pads-for-carbon-and-alloy-wheels02


Xentis already machines down the resin on the brake track for improved braking performance, but to improve things even further Xentis has worked with SwissStop for a new pad compound that sits somewhere between the brand’s yellow and black pads. Since the machined brake surface is more abrasive than a standard carbon brake track, the the pads don’t need to be as soft as the yellow carbon pads, so the new compound is a bit harder but still softer than the black alloy pads. According to Xentis’ North American importer, an additional benefit to the compound is that it’ll work with alloy rims, too, meaning you can switch back and forth without changing pads. Retail should be around $70 for four. Available in North America through Stage Race Distribution.

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 Finally, an update to the Squad 4.2 disc wheels that we have on review. Our sample came with an early version of the rear hub, which has been changed on the production run. The new hub is built stiffer, but also lighter.

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charango - 03/24/14 - 1:42pm

“an additional benefit to the compound is that it’ll work with alloy rims, too, meaning you can switch back and forth without changing pads”

You sure about that? I thought the reason you couldn’t do this was that small metal pieces from alloy braketracks get stuck in brakepads. These small metal pieces cause additional wear on carbon braketracks.

STS - 03/24/14 - 2:03pm

Exactly. But as they probably do not ride aluminum rims how should the Xentis guys now? 😉

PK - 03/25/14 - 11:55am

@charango – the machined Xentis brake track is way tougher than a normal carbon rim, and the mixed durometer pad is less likely to pick up any metal shards. I’ve swapped wheels without changing pads many times with them, with great results. They work well together, but I couldn’t make any guarantees as to the Xentis pads working while swapping between other brands rims.

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