e*Thirteen Shipping Free XD Driver Body with All 2014 Wheels

e-thirteen including free XD driver body with all 2014 wheels

For 2014 only, e*thirteen is including a free XD Driver Body with all of it’s TRSr and TRS+ wheel sets.

Not only does it get you set up for an eventual switch to a 1×11 SRAM drivetrain, but it’ll save you $100 in the long run. They say their set up uses larger bearings than most other brands, too, so it may even save you some coin on maintenance down the road.

Need more incentive? They just dropped the price of their TRS+ Enduro wheelset to $799. More pics below…

e-thirteen including free XD driver body with all 2014 wheels

e-thirteen including free XD driver body with all 2014 wheels

And should you want to run an e*thirteen crankset, they’ve got their own wide/narrow no-drop chainrings to choose from.



Matt - 03/21/14 - 4:04pm

How about a free upgrade for people that already have the TRS+ wheelset? Pretty please…

Mindless - 03/21/14 - 5:29pm

And if you do not use XX1, you just paid for something that you do not need. Because there is no such thing as “free”.

Psi Squared - 03/21/14 - 6:20pm

There is such a thing as eBay so that you can sell your XD driver body–if you don’t need it–after e*Thirteen holds you down and forces you to buy a wheel set. I think there’s this thing called consumer choice….

Mindless - 03/21/14 - 6:21pm

Nobody on eBay will buy something they ready got.

Psi Squared - 03/21/14 - 7:52pm

Too bad. I’ll guess people will have to exercise a little critical thinking about what they need, which they can no doubt do. Again, it should be noted no one is forced to buy anything. That’s understood…………isn’t it?

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