Taipei First Look: New Tool and Clever Light Designs from Lezyne

Lezyne Taiwan Factory Tour Cedric Gracia Pumps New Product654

With a name that rhymes with design, Lezyne is continuing with their design based mantra and introducing a number of new tools and lights with more on the way later this year. Maybe the most interesting of the new models (at least of the ones we can talk about), Lezyne is changing the “be seen” light category with a light that combines both front and rear visibility. Called the Macro Drive Duo, the white and red LED combo uses the Macro Drive’s body but adds a translucent red end cap and adds rear visibility.

Flash through for more.

Lezyne Taiwan Factory Tour Cedric Gracia Pumps New Product653

The Macro Drive Duo is available with a helmet mount only for obvious reasons, and is adjustable for the optimal position. Flashing modes for the front and rear can be adjusted separately while lumen output should be equal to or greater than the 350 lumens currently offered with the Macro Drive front. The light will sell for $85 with the helmet mount and USB charging cable.

Lezyne Taiwan Factory Tour Cedric Gracia Pumps New Product661

Lezyne Taiwan Factory Tour Cedric Gracia Pumps New Product657 Lezyne Taiwan Factory Tour Cedric Gracia Pumps New Product659

On the mini pump end, Lezyne is combining a few of their technologies into one super pump called the ABS Pen Gauge. Offered in a high volume or high pressure (mountain or road) model, the pump will come standard with the in line pen gauge for reading the pressure as well as the ABS system. The Air Bleed System makes it possible to remove the pressure in the pump, but not in the tire so that the pump head will unscrew without taking the valve core with it. Threaded for both presta and schraeder valves, the ABS Pen Gauge pumps will retail for $50, and the ABS Pen Gauge assemblies will be sold separately as well.

Lezyne Taiwan Factory Tour Cedric Gracia Pumps New Product655 Lezyne Taiwan Factory Tour Cedric Gracia Pumps New Product656

If you’re struggling with your tires, Lezyne’s new Power Lever XLs may be of some help. Bigger than the Power Levers, the XLs offer increased leverage but keep a nice thin tip to easily get under tight beads. The spoke hook also acts as a way to hold two levers together with the included rubber band that sits in grooves on the body.

Lezyne Taiwan Factory Tour Cedric Gracia Pumps New Product651

Lezyne Taiwan Factory Tour Cedric Gracia Pumps New Product652

Finally, Lezyne has a new tool to control your c02, with the Control Drive. Fully CNC machined out of aluminum, the $27 threaded c02 inflator uses the press on head for presta or schraeder and will be available in black or silver.

Look for a full Lezyne Taiwan factory tour soon!

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ACE - 03/20/14 - 2:04pm

Niterider already has a light like that.

Ryan - 03/20/14 - 2:12pm

That Control Drive looks like a pipe.

…so I hear.

Ultraclyde - 03/20/14 - 2:28pm

0.001 Second. That’s how long it will take to lose that rubber band that keeps the tire levers together when your cold, gloved hands attempt a roadside repair.

Rico - 03/20/14 - 2:56pm

I like my Lyzene pump, but I cut off the stock head and put on a Hirame. So good.

Kraken - 03/20/14 - 4:25pm

Do these helmet lights have a break away feature? It seems like they could cause a massive neck injury in a crash. I love the concept but the injury factor gives me pause.

Padrote - 03/20/14 - 8:06pm

If your head is hitting the ground you already have plenty of other things to be worried about

NASH - 03/21/14 - 5:00am

Kraken is correct, you should not attach anything to a helmet that would increase drag when in contact with the ground. That includes stickers and go pro attachments.

PeyoteRider - 03/21/14 - 11:02am

@ ACE It’s true, NiteRider makes one with a plastic body. Huffy makes MTB bikes too.

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