Spy Shot! Prototype ENVE Carbon Rigid 29er Mountain Bike Fork (UPDATED!)


This ENVE rigid carbon mountain bike fork prototype shows off a big new item for the Ogden, UT, based manufacturer.

Details are sparse, including pricing or production date, and this one is only a prototype. The thru axle design uses a flippable insert that lets you adjust the rake between 43mm and 52mm.

There’s a semi-integrated mud fender that’ll clip onto the arms in the same way their current disc brake hose clips work, and it builds in the disc cable routing as well.

It’s suspension corrected and will only come with a 1.5″ tapered steerer only.

UPDATE: ENVE’s rep told us it’ll even fit a 29+ tire with the fender in place and that it’ll be at least as light as the lightest rigid fork on the market now.

Lots more pics below!

prototype enve rigid 29er mountain bike fork


prototype enve rigid 29er mountain bike fork

prototype enve rigid 29er mountain bike fork

prototype enve rigid 29er mountain bike fork

prototype enve rigid 29er mountain bike fork

prototype enve rigid 29er mountain bike fork

prototype enve rigid 29er mountain bike fork

Some features and deigns may change, there’s no official word on this yet. Stay tuned!


Ilikeicedtea - 03/14/14 - 10:50am

Clever adjustable offset!

9nerd - 03/14/14 - 11:05am

Am I missing something here?

1. How can you reverse the offset? Flip the fork and have the brake on the wrong side?

2. Is the brake hose routed internally? Why route a front hose internally? That does not make sense in my world.

3. It looks multilayered at the fender area. This is a good place for stress and cracking.

Andrew - 03/14/14 - 11:13am

It’s a really clever design. Motorcycles have used this system as well, notably the recent electric Motoczysz. You can see the swappable dropout here. http://image.motorcyclistonline.com/f/newsandupdates/motorcycle_news/122_1109_motoczysz_pushes_the_electric_bike_envelope/37703370/122-1109-01-o%2Bmotoczysz-ep1c-new-fork%2B.jpg

Luis - 03/14/14 - 11:30am

I love ENVE products, but I don’t like this.

Jack - 03/14/14 - 11:35am

Baugh, we want a non suspension corrected version too! This is going to appeal to a lot of custom builders I’m sure and it’s mad to compromise geo’ in the name excessive mud clearance.

Padrote - 03/14/14 - 11:40am

If this is priced anything like their bars and seat posts it’ll retail for $800

wako29 - 03/14/14 - 11:42am

I agree with Ilikeicedtea – great offset design. What’s not to like about this? I agree that a rigid MTB fork is a niche product, but it’s a quality, (likely) lightweight piece. Other than the usual ENVE extraordinary price, not seeing why everyone is hating here.

Matt - 03/14/14 - 12:10pm

Knard clearance?

Badgerboy - 03/14/14 - 12:16pm

If you can get a 29+ tire in there it’ll be Cracking

Brendan - 03/14/14 - 12:38pm

@9nerd, there are removable alloy ‘chips’ in each fork leg, they can be removed and flipped 180° to get the other offset. The brake routing is still external, but hides under a carbon ‘clip’ built into the fender (see their current road/cross disc forks).

What I wonder is how this flip chip affects the brake position. Is it a 140 post mount in 43mm mode, and a 160 post mount in 52mm mode?

greg - 03/14/14 - 12:57pm

ideally, the offset chip would be perpendicular to a line bisecting the axle and center of caliper, so as to not need a brake adjustment afterwards.

Von Kruiser - 03/14/14 - 1:03pm

Guessing the 29+ 3.0 Knard will work fine on the Enve. Building a 29+ w/ this tire and it fits the Niner carbon fork fine compared to a suspension fork w/ almost no clearance.

wheelz - 03/14/14 - 2:29pm

I’m hoping this leads to thru-axle Enve CX forks (and perhas road disc too). The QR on my Crux disc is the only weakness and would love to stiffen up the front end. I dislike getting brake rub when cornering hard.

Tom - 03/14/14 - 3:45pm

@Jack : That was my first thought. Definitely needs a non-suspension corrected version. The fender looks kind of silly.

aaron - 03/14/14 - 5:18pm

+1 on thru axle enve cyclocross fork.

obviously leave the canti cx fork as is, but the disc enve fork needs to be thru axle. help!

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 03/14/14 - 5:19pm

looks nice…looks expensive

shreddie - 03/14/14 - 5:27pm

If it can be had without the goofy fender clip sign me up for two.

K11 - 03/14/14 - 5:38pm

a bunch of those stupid niner rigid forks will hit ebay once this is available.

Grind - 03/14/14 - 6:37pm

Wow, Enve is finally getting into the Thru Axle and MTN game.
Cool concept. Late to the party. Stick to roadies.

Ilikeicedtea - 03/14/14 - 6:58pm


Y’know, they’ve made quite a few mtn and cross products for sometime now. So, another US made thru axle carbon forks is on the market. That makes, what, one?

Topmounter - 03/14/14 - 6:59pm

How is that a “Spy Shot”? That looks like a trade show.

I don’t think I’ll be replacing my Niner CF, but I like the looks of that fork.

Jim - 03/14/14 - 7:00pm

“ideally, the offset chip would be perpendicular to a line bisecting the axle and center of caliper, so as to not need a brake adjustment afterwards.”
that would mess up the geometry. it may be the brake adapter that flips 180 to account for 9mm of axle movement. just a guess. nice idea, GT had it on steel forks 20 years ago and it was a nice tweaker feature then.

greg - 03/14/14 - 8:59pm

isnt the point of the chip to “mess up” the geometry? or do you mean the 3mm +/- overall fork height change will throw everything out of whack?

CW - 03/14/14 - 10:11pm

is the brake adaptor what changes to accomodate the different rotor positions? That’s not an avid post mount adaptor. Can’t think of any major brands adaptors that have that m180-1 model.

alb - 03/15/14 - 3:16am

china-made/USA finished (for that all-important ‘made in the US’ sticker)?

Known - 03/15/14 - 4:05am

alb – it’s a prototype. I’d dare say this is US made. ENVE usually sneaks some cool stuff out at NAHBS but production follows some months later.

Volsung - 03/15/14 - 7:34pm

I don’t get the fender haters. ENVE full coverage fenders would really help me max my wattage on my steel commuter or maybe even increase my Big Dummy’s carrying capacity.

Psi Squared - 03/15/14 - 8:02pm

@alb: Perhaps you should call Enve and ask where their forks are made rather than just guessing.

Von Kruiser - 03/15/14 - 10:58pm

“While the rims are all made in UT, their components are mostly made overseas for now.” Here is the article from BR:


padrote - 03/15/14 - 11:01pm

do us all a favor and clear the air if you care about speculation so much

Jimmy - 03/16/14 - 10:34pm

Enve rims are made in USA. Forks, bars, stems, seat posts are made in Asia.

Jeff - 03/17/14 - 10:19am

My guess after seeing these at NAHMBS is that Knard clearance would be tight. No way with fender in place. May work without fender but I think the sides would be close. IF had a custom painted one which made it look the best. But if is still kind of ugly IMHO.

Ol' Shel' - 03/17/14 - 6:02pm

Please not another 485 a-c fork. We need 505+ a-c fot those frames currently running 120mm forks. Trail riders are over 100mm of suspension, even on hardtails.

Bnystrom - 03/22/14 - 9:05am

“I don’t get the fender haters.”

The issue with this silly “fender” is that it’s purely cosmetic, as it’s too short to actually do anything other than support the brake cable. Why bother with the added few grams and cost compared to a simple cable guide?

Fenders that are large enough to work are another thing entirely.

Eric - 03/24/14 - 7:58am

I’ll take the Niner RDO @ half the cost.

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