Cinelli Debuts DVS Shoes Collabo, Plus Monster Track 2014 Cycling Cap & Sponsorship


The Cinelli x DVS Luster shoe takes the brand’s skate inspired kicks and gives them the cycling treatment. Beyond Cinelli branding, they have a soft leather upper with Velcro lace cover. The sole has a stiffer last for less flex on the pedals, and it’s extra grippy on the bottom without giving up too much durability.

Two colors are available, the Azzurro Laser shown above and Vigorosa Black. Other clever details are hidden throughout, more pics below, along with the 15th anniversary edition cycling cap for Monster Track XV…


The shoes retail for $105. Colored lace eyelets, a smiley face embroidery and reflective bits add subtle style cues. Check them out here.


You either know about Monster Track, or you don’t. Assuming you don’t, here’s a primer. First, it’s insane. Second, it’s bad ass, and there’s more event specific goodies we’ll be posting as it draws nearer. Imagine a hyper competitive alley cat race, in Manhattan NYC, on brakeless fixed gear bikes. That’s Monster Track, and it’s celebrating it’s 15th year in 2014. Cinelli’s sponsoring it and put out this cycling cap designed by Cinelli Milano as part of the fun. Retail’s $20. Get it here.


Nick - 03/14/14 - 11:11am

I had a pair of the original DVS/Fast Friday shoes, they were bomber! Looking at a pair of these with fondle-ey eyes

K11 - 03/14/14 - 6:12pm

who is buying this stuff???

i bet there are more than one hipster out there that have that cinelli logo tattooed on themselves.

David French - 03/15/14 - 5:25am


I’m buying some because they look nice and I could do with new shoes.

Vectorbug - 03/15/14 - 2:52pm

@k11 I might buy them just to spite you.

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