Wishbone Adds BB38624 Bottom Bracket Converter, Puts Shimano on BB386EVO With Ease


Got one of those newfangled BB386EVO bikes and a fancy new Shimano drivetrain? Wishbone’s new conversion bottom bracket will make their 24mm spindle fit just fine.

Designed for press fit applications with a 46mm frame ID and 86.5mm width (aka BB386EVO), they reduce the hole down to accommodate Shimano and SRAM GXP cranksets, as well as any other brand using a standard 24mm diameter spindle. It rolls with G5 Si3N4 ceramic bearings, and the shell and end caps are 6061-T6 alloy. The two pieces thread together, creating a more solid unit that should reduce any play or creaking, potentially making it a good fix for frames or bearings that might be showing a bit of wear.

Claimed weight is 119g and it comes in gold, red, green, black and blue. Be sure to order either the Shimano (straight 24mm) or GXP (24mm to 22mm) model.



Chuck Dick - 03/11/14 - 11:55am

Alright, let the New Standard Bashing begin.

Ready. Set. BB386EVO.

Oh wait, it’s not a new Specialized standard, so the crickets will continue.

Heath - 03/11/14 - 11:58am

Props to the bike Mfg’s who haven’t gone to the press fit crap!

mellon - 03/11/14 - 12:43pm

I’m glad we’ve opted for such simple descriptive terms to differentiate between these increasingly arcane ‘standards’

Topmounter - 03/11/14 - 1:05pm

Reduced play and creaking is still too much play and creaking.

Champs - 03/11/14 - 1:57pm

Still waiting for the square taper adapter for my cottered Campy… Campa… forget it, my Shimano 600 crankset.

Ajax - 03/11/14 - 3:23pm

The BB shell is still threadless, which is the worst ever “innovation” in the history of bikes. Let’s the squeaking, creaking, and cursing continue…

Long live the English threaded BB shells!

tom - 03/12/14 - 3:10am

I guarantee in 2015 you will see manufacturers reversing course and selling bikes with threaded bb’s. Press fit will be looked back on as a big “oopsie daisey”. We got to stop letting these marketing guys decide future technology..

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