Walmart Selling Mongoose Massif 20″ Kid’s Fat Bike


While Vee, Maxxis and Kenda have been busy releasing larger 27.5″ and 29+ fat bike tires, Mongoose has been looking in the other direction.

Their new Massif 20″ fat bike for kids offers 4″ wide tires and alloy rims on a $197 bike equipped with disc brakes, Shimano derailleur, twist shifters, 7-speed cassette and an alloy frame. Not bad for under two hundred bucks! Heck, it even comes with training wheels…but we all know you should just pull the cranks off and turn it into a fat balance bike if your tyke’s still learning.


Check it out at

Via GearJunkie by way of Singletrack UK.


wombat - 03/09/14 - 10:15pm

Wow, it has disc brakes……. except they will be worse at stopping than rim brakes. The hubs, bottom bracket and headset bearings will be shite, and either over-tightened or loose. Walmart most likely not sell tubes, so the bike shops with be pestered by angry customers wanting to know why they don’t have 20×4 inch tubes.

erik - 03/09/14 - 10:16pm

i saw this bike in person and it is super rad…

Jason Spiker - 03/09/14 - 10:20pm

Looking forward to lolling at these in the shitty hood near us. I’m sure to see a 29 year old junkie on a stolen one of these on his way to Cumbys for scratch tickets.

Ditch - 03/09/14 - 10:46pm

I don’t care what the haters say my boys would be all over a couple of these. Does this mean I live in the hood?

Psi Squared - 03/09/14 - 10:51pm

There’s a significant segment of the population that can only afford bikes like this. I saw many of them getting around Tucson on cheap Walmart-esque bikes, and for what those people needed, the bikes got the job done. Many of those folks were not junkies. Many of those bikes weren’t stolen.

It’s hard to be proud to be a cyclist given some of the comments that some people, like Jason Spiker, continue to make.

pimpbot - 03/09/14 - 10:51pm

Looks pretty swank, actually. Too bad I can only get one by selling $200 worth of my soul to get one.

Jimmie - 03/09/14 - 11:06pm

I would alter it just a touch. A banana sea and a nice set of ape hangers. Cruise the snowy streets in style.

Lube N Roll - 03/09/14 - 11:18pm

I agree with Psi Squared!

There is always a “cheap” product in any industry…. it allows everyone to participate. Most people drive cars that are far below the quality that the car industry would consider “105”.

I just wish the customer would pick a better quality sporting goods bicycle over a flashy disc brake fat tired one!

Apehanger - 03/09/14 - 11:19pm

Why do people seem to think if you can only afford a $200 bike then Wall-mart is your only option? Take your $200 and go to a bike swap, check craigslist, local bike shops whatever and just buy a used LBS quality bike. It will last sooooo much longer, and doesn’t support wanton corporate greed. Its hard to be proud to be a cyclist when people like Psi Squared don’t realize this…

Mike - 03/09/14 - 11:30pm

What is it about bicycle enthusiast that make them think everything needs to be categorized and, more accuratley, verbally crapped on if it is “less” than what they consider to be “good”?

Newsflash dipsticks, we have the ability to look at a product and recognize its value and, believe it or not, your snobbish babble is not needed. Amazing, I know! But true.

You belong on the sidelines of a polo field sipping mint julips and making snide comments about the “person of color” you saw on the way to the royal ball. I laugh.

It’s a one $197 bicycle, you morons, intentionally designed to be sold to those who would like to purchase a bicycle in that price range. Now, if this specific bike was carring a $1,200 price tag then you’d be onto something.


EPBC - 03/09/14 - 11:41pm

Well as a shop owner, what can I say? Wish we had something like this to offer. Why do we (the bicycle industry) charge the ridiculous prices we do? Yea service, quality, engineers, marketing, etc, but WTH these bikes come from the same factories that supply the bicycle stores and they are a 10th of the price to the final consumer….hell I could have bought 5 walmart fat bikes and 3 iPads this winter for the price of a salsa mukluk? The manufacturers need to come in check, pricing has gotten out of control. Dicks sporting goods, rei, and other big sporting goods stores are now offering great entry level 29er bikes, hybrids, etc, for less than $300, why are we giving up these sales? Those customers are our future, we need to concentrate on getting more butts on bikes and keep the future of recreational cycling alive, if Ricky racer wants the latest $10k s-works, he will get it, find the cheapest dealer to sell it to him, and whoever sells it to him will make hardly no margin and probably never see him again, that store will also tell the new owner of this 20″ Walmart fat bike, screw you I don’t have tubes for those bikes and never see that customer again…guess what you have no customers. I have rethought my business and I am looking for better price point bikes, good service, and be happy to get butts on bikes, be it a carbon dual 27.5 or a properly tuned walmart mini fat bike. Brian Eastern Panhandle Bicycles, Martinsburg, WV

nick - 03/10/14 - 12:08am

I am buying two of these for my boys. Let the haters hate.

RAMBIS - 03/10/14 - 12:16am

Pride is not necessarily A good thing to be or have.

Andrew - 03/10/14 - 1:41am

Seriously? For those two up at the top to b*tch and moan about a $200 kids bike I can only assume they were never 10 years old. In fact, they made the jump from crying babies to cynical, old, negativity spewing armchair commentators on society and economics. This bike is exactly the kind of thing a kid can thrash and have a blast on.

ranggapanji - 03/10/14 - 2:58am

come on, parts are easily swappable. this looks fun. worried about the inner tube availability though.
to think of it. 20″ fork and wheel… fat cargo bike, maybe? hmmm.

Rick - 03/10/14 - 5:21am

Good bikes aren’t cheap and cheap bikes aren’t good.

Do yourself a favor…buy a REAL bike. One that will not fall apart in under a year. One that comes from a REAL bike shop.

Scottchy - 03/10/14 - 7:30am

If quality of parts is a worry, invest in a decent set of running gear, rebuild the wheels with decent hubs that you can swap from bike to bike for life. The original hubs, brakes and drivetrain can all be swapped back when selling the bike and as it’ll all be unused, will hold more value. That’s my plan for younguns bikes when he’s old enough a nice 8spd shimano setup with mtb cassette and he can use a 1x drivetrain until he gets big enough to need a fullsize setup. but then he’ll only need to get himself shifter, mech, cassette and chain.

Mini fatbike is a genius idea!

Dockboy - 03/10/14 - 7:42am

Fat Bmx, maybe? If you’re concerned about tubes, maybe 2 regular tubes could be used in parallel, or just go tubeless- 1/2 psi should support the average 6 year old, right?

Randall - 03/10/14 - 8:17am

You know, with a threaded headset, this is a long stem and seatpost away from fitting a much larger “kid,” and cables could see thing last a long time.

Cju - 03/10/14 - 8:35am

Just as stupid as an expensive fat bike. Would have been cool to have when I was younger though!

Volcano - 03/10/14 - 8:38am

Yes, parts can be swapped out and replaced. By the time you do it all, you’ve spent what you would (or frequently more) than on a bike from your LBS. Many of the people who depend on these types of bikes for transportation do so at their own expense. I see them daily. And often have to tell people it’s more worthwhile to buy another bike than fix the one they’re on. How many $150 bikes do you need to buy before a $500 is justified?

OnePercenter - 03/10/14 - 9:07am

Doubtful fat American kids will ride these fat bikes.

Duncan - 03/10/14 - 9:38am

Guys- Fat bikes are for more than just the transpo of fat kids. When you have to ride on snow, fat bike rules the day. It’s fatty’s 15 minutes of fame.

rentedshoes - 03/10/14 - 9:42am

You guys are all forgetting the fat-tired Schwinn Stingray that graced the floors of Walmarts several years ago. It was a chopper style cruiser with a huge rear tire. I’m not entirely sure how, but despite the dumb fat tires and tubes, the bike industry survived unscathed. Weird.

groghunter - 03/10/14 - 10:02am

I don’t even care, I want to ride one on our pump/jump track. Braaaaap.

groghunter - 03/10/14 - 10:07am

BTW, Brian Eastern: Good on you sir. It’s sad when you can even get a perfectly decent, race ready cruiser-class BMX for $300 bucks, but can’t get an entry level MTB for the same.

bsimon - 03/10/14 - 10:31am

“Mini fatbike is a genius idea!”

Yup. A higher quality option would be welcome. My kids still have a couple years to go before they’ll fit the smallest offerings of ‘real’ fatbikes.

Doug B - 03/10/14 - 10:42am

Piece of junk, you obviously don’t love your kids if you only spend $200, get a real bike for them, so they love you more, nice carbon frame with carbon rims only $4k+, that’s the only way you’ll be appreciated as a parent. You’ll have to put in some overtime to pay for it, so don’t expect to see your kids ride. But that’s not what its about, its the value of the item that maters, not the amount of time and fun you can have with it and them.
Seriously sweet, look forward to seeing many tikes bounce down the trails on these.

Reynard - 03/10/14 - 12:51pm

I’m surprise nobody mentioned the stupidity of slick tires yet.

PedagogoBob - 03/10/14 - 1:08pm

Tubes in 20 x 3″ and 20 x 4″ are readily available from the major bike shop suppliers so if your local shop doesn’t have them, they can get them without a problem.

The bike looks like it will be a blast to ride. I would just take it down to the frame- re-install, grease, and adjust everything, then ride the crap out of it.

dale - 03/10/14 - 1:20pm

As a shop owner, I’m not hating it. I get it. When my kids were little, I bought new walmart bikes every year times 3! Now my son rides a highend roadbike.
The Velo, world’s smallest bikeshop

Ralphy - 03/10/14 - 1:27pm


I’d love to see a kid who could wear out $500 worth of parts before outgrowing this bike.
Also, not everyone has $300-$500 up front.


Not everyone lives in an area where’s there’s a reliable source of used kids’ bikes, and often those bikes are department store bikes to begin with.

Glad I could help you guys out.

Wally - 03/10/14 - 2:01pm

Interesting how cycling trends start at the high-end/enthusiast level and then ultimately cascade down to department stores. This has already happened with dual-suspension, urban fixies and 29ers. Heck, I even saw a giant 32″ wheeled cruiser at Wal-Mart just yesterday! Personally, I hope these 20″ fat tire bikes sell like hotcakes. IMO, getting more kids off video games and on bikes is awesome! Incidentally, Mongoose also has a 26″ adult fat bike called the Beast:

PedagogBob - 03/10/14 - 2:02pm

Tubes in 20×3″ and 20×4″ are readily available from the wholesalers that supply bike shops, so if your local shop doesn’t have them in stock, they can get them for you.

It looks like a really fun bike. Personally, I would just take it down to the frame- re-install, grease, and adjust everything- then ride the crap out of it.

Rgeniec - 03/10/14 - 2:09pm

Its gonna be awesome to post the first picture of one of these forks mounted backwards like they always are….

mich - 03/10/14 - 2:37pm

/\/\ and how exactly do you mount a straight fork backwards?

rubensbelly - 03/10/14 - 3:47pm

It is much better than a kids mtb with crap suspension, I would have killed for one of those when I was a nipper

UPRvly603Guy - 03/10/14 - 4:10pm

EPBC and other shop owners/employees. This is your chance to win the Wal-Mart battle. Go buy them from Wal-Junk and flip them for the SAME PRICE. Isn’t it better to have 3 or 4 of these in your shop for YOUR CUSTOMERS who are waking up from their trainer educed winter coma and lingering around with TAX REFUND money to spend and Easter baskets to fill.

Call VEE and the others and source out tubes and tires…look out side the box and make YOUR STORE better for YOUR CUSTOMERS so they don’t go look for these else where. Word will spread! And finally source out some parts for an upgrade kit…$150-$175.

Yup you won’t make much $$$…maybe just a free six pack from dad, but at the end of the day…THEY BOUGHT IT FROM YOU NOT WAL-MART.

FTR- I HATE WAL-MART and haven’t been there in nearly 10 years…however I would consider it so my boy can come ride with dad…unless there was another way!

Desertpinstripe - 03/10/14 - 5:07pm

My first bike was a battered hand-me-down Huffy with wobbly wheels. It was a fantastic bike for a five year old to rattle around on. I saddens me to read such vitriol aimed at kids who ride crappy bikes and parents who don’t purchase the “right kit” for their kids. Any bike that gets a kid riding is awesome and I know some little guys who would be stoked to rip around on a bike like this.

Mike - 03/10/14 - 5:20pm

I’ve built these from two fat tire schwinn sting rays and my own fabricated frame design for a fraction of the cost of these, mine look better and more then likely built better. figured it was just a matter of time before someone else did too

Psi Squared - 03/10/14 - 7:12pm

Desertpinstripe for the win.

David Boyd - 03/11/14 - 1:13am

You know, when I first got into biking ovrer 15 years ago I bought a walmart special. It was a $97 hard tail that survived over 6 years with my fat ass on it. I even attempted a century on it up in Minnesota. It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado that I required an upgrade. For what I paid it worked out well for me.

QOMCD - 03/11/14 - 10:15am

It’s obvious that racism is alive and well even in the biking community.

campag dude - 03/11/14 - 7:17pm


dont know much about bikes, do you?

Uh - 03/12/14 - 8:11am

Why don’t bike companies offer affordable bikes to their dealers? Well I’m pretty sure they do if you purchase by the container straight from Asia rather than onsie twosies. In fact buy a few dozen containers of a model that won’t be sold elsewhere and I’m sure you can name your price both to the consumer and to the manufacturer. Unfortunately the manufacturer typically sets MAP pricing to keep shops from undercutting one another. But hey, what’s stopping you from making a deal with the consumer and pulling in an unreasonable margin on your next sale?

david cajudo - 05/06/14 - 4:31pm

Wanted to obtain two of these and converted to two-wheel drive, short
-wheelbase recumbent. Makes hills seems flat. Or instead of two-wheel drive just front-wheel drive moving bottom bracket. Just hacksaw the other bike in halves, weld the rear onto fork. Voila, you save thousands compare to commercial recumbents.

dalos - 05/06/14 - 5:30pm

Its a kids bike Kids love big tyres.

Creep - 07/06/14 - 1:09am

I just want to know where I can buy parts so I can get two complete back wheels to Frankenstein onto my 2006 Diamondback Drifted tricycle.

JR - 07/15/14 - 11:31am

Does anyone else make fat bikes for kids at all? I wouldn’t mind paying for better parts / performance but I have yet to see a 20″ fat bike and my 10 year old daughter wants one for her birthday.

Benjamin - 09/12/15 - 8:40am

I know this thread is a bit old, but found while researching

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