Friday Features: Fixed Gear Fun, Fork Tuning Tips, And Why We Want A Volvo

Sometimes riding your bike entails sacrifices, like walking up at 3 AM to fit a 30 mile training ride into your schedule.

Disguised as an instructional video on fork setup, this clip from Blake Simpson is really all about shredding.

Volvo hasn’t been cool in a while. Not since they declared they wouldn’t be producing manual cars ( with the exception of the C30), moved away from the 5 cylinder engine, and stopped releasing new wagon models in the states ( although the new 2015 V60 looks good!).

Of course now that they’ve teamed up with Steve Peat, I might have to reconsider…


Mike - 03/07/14 - 2:35pm

And now the C30 is dying off…

dick - 03/07/14 - 2:39pm

Pure Fix “Track,” but not a single footage of it being used on the track…

NotAMachinist - 03/07/14 - 2:50pm

As a long time Volvo owner I can say Volvo was never cool. Once they ditched manual transmissions, 5-cylinder engines and wagons in the US, they stopped being great. But they were never cool.

Saris Mercanti - 03/07/14 - 3:05pm

@Not A Machinist

Ha, you make an excellent point. Good to see the prancing moose fans coming out of the wood work!

Capitols - 03/07/14 - 4:29pm

My 240 wagon I drove in his school was NOT cool, but the current C30 Polestar I drive is a little but closer to COOL. And is a manual.

NotAMachinist - 03/07/14 - 6:04pm


I happen to have a prancing moose sticker on my tool box.

(My daily driver is a 5-cyl stick shift V70 and after the awesome seats, one of the best features of that car is I can fit any of my bikes, road or mountain, in the back with the seats up. Who needs a roof rack?)

Jack - 03/07/14 - 6:25pm

I like that the Pure fix guys are too radical to fit a brake but they do fit a Garmin. So they can know precisely where they were when……

silverlining - 03/08/14 - 9:26am

So…… ok…… what was all that about?

steamcat - 03/10/14 - 2:47pm

Re: Volvos being cool:
The new Volvo V8 Supercar being raced in Australia is more than cool – it is a BEAST!! Toughest touring car series on the planet – and the car is holding its own right out of the gate. Awesome stuff.

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