Spy Shot: Prototype Pivot DH Bike

Prototype Pivot DH BikeSpotted on Pivot athlete Micayla Gatto’s Instagram feed, the new prototype downhill bike has the same dual link rear suspension design as the previous models, but has some distinct new features. In addition to a redesigned head tube area, the shock is now attached to the down tube, rather than the BB junction. Aside from the obvious change to the shock mounting, it also appears that frame retains it’s external routing, and rumor has it that this bike is designed around 650B wheels.



DaveG - 03/05/14 - 3:09pm

Old news much?

call420 - 03/05/14 - 3:36pm

i wonder if the frame still weighs 15 pounds

dullknives - 03/05/14 - 4:03pm

this isn’t new news and it’s 650b.


Saris Mercanti - 03/05/14 - 4:04pm

Updated to 650B*

The Guy - 03/05/14 - 9:52pm

Why do people always write ‘haha’ after what they post?

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