Spy Shot! Prototype 2015 Campagnolo Super Record “Light” Groupset

2015 campagnolo super record light prototype crankset derailleurs and shifters group

Submitted by an anonymous tipster and spotted aboard an Ag2r team’s Focus Izalco Max, these presumably prototype Campagnolo Super Record “Light” cranks, derailleurs and shifters could represent the next generation of the Italian brand’s top level mechanical groupset.

Technically, the “light” part of the name is the unknown. CyclingTipsFacebook shows other photos of them dubbed SRL, which we interpret at Super Record Light. However, S.r.l. is also the Italian equivalent of LLC, hence the company’s Campagnolo S.r.l. business name. But we doubt that’s it.

Inspecting these and CT’s photos, the rear derailleur does look a bit leaner, but all appear with the usual phone-cam fuzz, so hard to tell. Graphics are different than current gen, using all-white for now…

2015 campagnolo super record light prototype crankset derailleurs and shifters group

The Izalco Max frame uses a PF30 bottom bracket shell, so perhaps the lighter-than-Super-Record-anyway Campagnolo Comp Ultra crankset simply gets a 30mm spindled and is rebranded as Super Record Over Torque. Pure speculation, but could make for a bit less confusion at the consumer level.

It’s also a bit too grainy to tell, but Fulcrum Racing Light tubulars and clinchers use a woven carbon, not UD, and these look pretty un-woven.

All remains to be seen, but new stuff is clearly on the way.


Rexxar - 02/26/14 - 9:50am

New for 2030: Super Record “Incredibly-light”

eric - 02/26/14 - 10:22am

It probably still feels like garbage.

Jon - 02/26/14 - 10:30am

Let’s make one of the most expensive component groups more expensive.

fraser - 02/26/14 - 10:35am

Looks like the existing model with some new stickers on it. Wich is probably it.

heffe - 02/26/14 - 11:06am

Best stuff out there… pricey.

Psi Squared - 02/26/14 - 11:15am

If those piccies were on CyclingTips Fb page, they’re there not there now. That would seem to indicate that Campy asked to have those pictures taken down, something from which we could reasonably infer that something cool and new is coming from Campy.

Sardinian Rider - 02/26/14 - 11:45am

do you have to ship it to NASA for regular tuning and manteinance ?

PS : to all you americans please stop calling it Campy,it’s (deleted) Campagnolo,Campy gives me nausea. If you have issues with the “GN” there’s Sram and Shimano out there,please. Thank you.

Psi Squared - 02/26/14 - 11:59am

Note that even Campy uses the “Campy” name. Also note that if you’re unable to tune your Campy stuff, you likely shouldn’t be tuning anything as it’s dead simple to tune Campy groups.


Heck, Campy has even gone so far as to trademark the name “Campy Tech Lab”, so Sardinian Rider you might want to see your doctor about getting a potent anti-emetic medication since there’s a lot of Campy going on. Of course, you can always call the Italians at the Campy HQ and vent your spleen to them, but since they’re already invested in the “Campy” name, they’ll likely ignore you.

Rich W. - 02/26/14 - 12:01pm

@Sardinian Rider
campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy campy

Kovas - 02/26/14 - 12:14pm

All I want is to see some close-ups of that seatpost.

Henry - 02/26/14 - 12:27pm


dealer - 02/26/14 - 12:47pm

nice with a company that don´t put out a new groupset every 3months, your 2013 Sram Red is now worth zero, cause no one wants a 10speed system anymore. And the discbrake issue has cost dealers a lot in missed sales! because of delays and that now everyone is doubting if they work…

goridebikes - 02/26/14 - 12:48pm

Post looks like a fizik Cyrano judging by the big grey “o-ring” above the seatpost collar. Nothing interesting there.

Also, CAMPY!

puffy - 02/26/14 - 1:04pm

I call it campy because I can’t pronounce campagnolo. It feels like wearing a scarlet letter.

hmmmm - 02/26/14 - 1:19pm

@Sardinian, a quick search on Campy’s website shows that Campy trademarked Campy 37 years ago. They seem to approve.

Crampandgoslow - 02/26/14 - 1:29pm

Does it bother anyone else that the chain is too long? It would be lighter if it was set up correctly.

zohurap - 02/26/14 - 1:34pm

Are they also going to release the 12,5t cog?

Eyal - 02/26/14 - 2:02pm

Campag, Campag, Campag, Campag, Campag.

softreset - 02/26/14 - 3:42pm

@Sardinian Rider

As an American, I’ll stop saying ‘Campy’ when you learn how to say nauseous or nauseated instead of nausea.

thesteve4761 - 02/26/14 - 5:12pm

When will they release the new Campy SRL Seatpost?

greg - 02/26/14 - 9:29pm

the front derailleur outer cage plate is thinner in height than normal. the regular one has a thin metal strip on the inside face where the chain would make contact. hardly any room for one here. possibly made out of a fiber with much harder, stronger resin that removes the need for the metal strip.
it doesnt “look” like overtorqe. but if it is, they could make the spindle out of ti. im surprised they managed to stick with steel for a 30mm spindle as it was. moving to a less dense (yet similar stw) material would allow for a good chunk of weight savings.
and im dying for CULT bb30 bearings…

Kyle G - 02/26/14 - 9:59pm

Sad chain is sad.

Kyle G - 02/26/14 - 10:05pm

I just read a Reddit rumor that it’s acutally a revolutionary 12 speed hydraulic/wireless groupo.

Aaron - 02/27/14 - 1:01am

blah blah light blah blah expensive blah blah nobody knows how to pronounce or say Campagnolo blah blah italian blah blah blah blah blah

Kid A - 02/27/14 - 1:11pm

‘eric’ obviously does not know what he’s talking about.
4th year on my latest set of Super Record… Extensive miles, bike stolen (ridden by thief like a curb-hopping beater over 3 winter months), bike recovered, another year of big miles and still not a single adjustment necessary since original build. Runs like new, shifting couldn’t be more precise. Brilliant stuff it is.

eric - 02/28/14 - 10:50am

kid a: i can’t take anyone seriously that thinks modern campy functions above modern shimano/sram.

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