Fizik Debuts Special Race Edition Shoes for David Millar

Fizik David Millar Mallorca limited edition cycling shoes benefitting Small Steps charity

This season is professional cyclist David Millar’s last official year of racing, and Fizik’s honoring his accomplishments with special edition shoes for each race of the year.

The series is called An Eloquence Of Movement and starts with these Mallorca Shoes. Built on the R1 road shoe, the design’s inspired by the Constellation Philla collection by artist Miro. They’re being auctioned off to benefit the Small Steps Project charity, and you can bid on this pair (size 44.5) through March 9.

Around 20 different pairs of shoes will be made throughout the year. From Fizik:

An Eloquence Of Movement is not intended as a chronological record of David’s final season but rather an expression of his whole career – including all the ups and downs – told through a series of designs. They are individually created to reflect both the specific race and its region, and to tell the emotional story of David’s involvement at this race – in 2014 and over the past two decades. All the shoes have been specially designed by the VCRC Style Council in partnership with fi’zi:k designers, taking inspiration from the races, their history and environment, as well as David’s career. As with all fi’zi:k shoes they have been hand-made in Italy.

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Fizik David Millar Mallorca limited edition cycling shoes benefitting Small Steps charity

Fizik David Millar Mallorca limited edition cycling shoes benefitting Small Steps charity

Fizik David Millar Mallorca limited edition cycling shoes benefitting Small Steps charity


Sardinian Rider - 02/24/14 - 9:55am

…..these are some truly fugly shoes. ” Hi nice to meet you,cool shoes bro,they’ve got your name on it,where chan I get them ? ” ….”err….my name is not David..”

WG - 02/24/14 - 10:23am

I never thought there could be Fizik shoes whose look I’d dislike!

thesteve4761 - 02/24/14 - 10:27am

Which version of the shoes will have the empty EPO vials painted on the sides?

satisFACTORYrider - 02/24/14 - 11:02am

you lost me at “style council”. i’m sure the rest of this kit is worse.

Steve @ G4G - 02/24/14 - 11:59am

Those would look nice with a vintage Carrera kit.

MaLóL - 02/24/14 - 1:23pm

As fugly as it gets…

I bet a pretentious and high-nosed poser like Millar has to be really fucked up having to wear these.


Dave Sprefelt - 02/24/14 - 2:10pm

The artist is Joan Miro, one of the 20th century’s greatest modern artists. I don’t think he intended for his paintings to be used on road bike shoes though.

Michael - 02/24/14 - 2:25pm

Those ARE special 😉

Psi Squared - 02/24/14 - 5:42pm

I think you have to be a pretentious, high-nosed poser to label someone a pretentious, high-nosed poser.

Devin - 02/24/14 - 5:54pm

I think those are the PERFECT shoes for David Millar.

MaLóL - 02/25/14 - 2:57am

I am indeed. That’s why I wear Sidi. I would wear these fugly ones if they pay me for it, just like him. Still, that doesn’t change the fack these are fugly.

If Miró had designed a shoes, boy you can be sure they would be way cooler.

Ryan Henry - 02/25/14 - 7:20am

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Surely cycling is all about being out on the road or in the sticks, free from traffic and judgement. Besides David Millar has achieved more than all of us, I know he has less of a mortgage than I do.

J.E.Clark - 02/25/14 - 8:51am

Some of you guys are pretty tough… on the internet. I don’t think these shoes were made for any of you. Stop saying such ridiculous things, and go to work, or ride your bike… do something other that knock down someone’s artistic taste.

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