Found: Essax Shark Saddle “Fins” Its Way Between Your Sit Bones

Essax Shark finned bicycle saddle

Essax, a Spanish saddle manufacturer that’s been making standard looking seats for many years, has sliced preconceptions the aptly named Shark, and it’s quickly making the rounds.

Where to begin…how ’bout the science. Essax says bad position on normal saddles can be a result of hip rotations, limb differences, inefficient pedaling techniques and more. And that traditional saddles attempt to correct these issues with wider platforms, more padding or center relief channels, but they say those won’t do the trick. Rather, and these are their words, the Shark “goes to the core of the problem”. It’s designed by, a biomechanics-based fit studio, then made by Essax. The idea is to help the cyclist evenly distribute pressure across the two ischia (sit bones) and, to a lesser extent, the perineum.

Their research showed that even when most cyclists felt comfortable, their weight was unevenly distributed across these areas, which led to decreased long term comfort and performance…

The fin simply helps situate the rider properly. They say if you can feel it, you’re not positioned right. It’s not meant to, um, divide and conquer. There’s no need for your bike fitter to say “bend over and spread ’em”. It’s simply there to facilitate a good position.

How it works with existing chamois pads remains to be seen – we doubt they’re designed with this sort of stretch in mind, but could make for an interesting test.

Specs are:

  • Width: 130 and 140mm
  • Weight: 195 and 200gr
  • Height of the Fin: 40mm
  • Length of the Fin: 100mm

Originally designed mainly to improve rider comfort and ergonomics, they’ve found it boosts performance, too. Samples have been submitted to the UCI for testing and approval for use in competition. Triathletes, who don’t need to worry about such things as “rules” as often as roadies, should love it since they’re in an aero tuck all the time. Not sure I’d wanna sit up for a stretch on this one.


Ted - 02/21/14 - 4:40pm

Oh boy, where to begin with this…

Psi Squared - 02/21/14 - 4:45pm

Maybe they should have named that saddle the “Cell Wife” because it looks like it just might make you feel like a cellmate’s wife.

scott - 02/21/14 - 4:53pm

A$$ Hatchet – Version 2.0

Ti - 02/21/14 - 5:05pm

Reminds me of “The Entity” designed by mr Garrison.
Google “the entity south park” (NSFW)

Ben - 02/21/14 - 5:06pm

I think the Hatchet saddle would be a better name. Please post a picture of the inventor of this thing!

big ring - 02/21/14 - 5:15pm

Are you f’ing kidding?!? Is it April 1st already. I spent my life as a kid, and now and adult, pulling my Fruit of the Looms out of my butt crack because it felt plain icky.
Generally I cannot stand the flammers who comment on BR……..but this time I can’t wait to read.
All you negative bastards, with a sense of humour, please line up.

SYJ - 02/21/14 - 5:19pm

“Doh! We were supposed to wait until April 1 to publish this”

Padrote - 02/21/14 - 5:32pm

Where do the batteries go?

Mr. P - 02/21/14 - 6:11pm

I want to see the Unicorn Saddle.


joby - 02/21/14 - 6:13pm


The_D - 02/21/14 - 6:23pm

On the plus side, if someone asks to borrow your bike, you can just remind them that it’s been up your ass.

Ti - 02/21/14 - 6:47pm

“It Beats Dealing With The Airline Companies” – Mr. Garrison

NotAMachinist - 02/21/14 - 7:00pm

Reminds me of Spinal Tap:
“The two word review of Shark Sandwich…”

Mitch - 02/21/14 - 7:09pm

Can we please just go back to the classic saddle shapes that worked for everybody, provided you put in the time i figure it out for yourself?
Oh, and can we also outlaw reviews on bike seats?

Alex - 02/21/14 - 7:20pm

The saddle that boldly goes where other saddles have only dreamed about!

saddle guy - 02/21/14 - 7:24pm

You’ve got to be f@#$ing kidding. Why did they put so much time and effort into this torturous looking device? This will be immortalized in a saddle museum somewhere.

bike fit guy - 02/21/14 - 7:32pm

As a bike fitter that has seen this issue hundreds of times. Thank you!! I no longer have to tape a stick to the middle of my clients saddle.

Hugh - 02/21/14 - 7:37pm

Can I get one in brown?

brown spot - 02/21/14 - 7:53pm

Can you take the cover off and clean it if it turns a little brown?

The Conductor - 02/21/14 - 7:59pm

White? Should be black leather with chrome spikes.

chasejj - 02/21/14 - 8:08pm

My feelings are spit down the midle on this one.

I REALLY want to see someone with this saddle, I really do. Cobbles and this saddle may be the equivalent of a Sybian.

Volcano - 02/21/14 - 8:32pm

White may not have been the best choice, at least for the fin. Maybe a nice black and tan to hide the inevitable staining?

Reynard - 02/21/14 - 8:35pm

Essax? More like ass ax.

DGWW - 02/21/14 - 9:07pm

It is spelled shart not shark…

Isaac D - 02/21/14 - 9:16pm

Meh. Still better than a Fizik Arione. Spec it OEM on a Cervelo and call it a day.

Crisco - 02/21/14 - 10:54pm

That…that…that…I am speechless…

Lay Lonny - 02/21/14 - 11:21pm

Yo! That thing hasta hurt. Tailbone jamz.

George - 02/22/14 - 2:07am

oh yeah… let’s ride on it off road… yeah aaah aaahhh

Jeff - 02/22/14 - 3:33am

Reminds me of this.

RJ - 02/22/14 - 4:34am

no… no… no… nope.

Paul Traynor - 02/22/14 - 6:04am

Love the comment from @big ring. Gold! Pissed myself.

David - 02/22/14 - 7:17am

Ti, I was thinking the same thing :) . The “It” .

satisFACTORYrider - 02/22/14 - 7:34am

There’s a whole group of people who allowed this to happen. Please, save your children. It. Is. Happening.

RJ - 02/22/14 - 8:25am

What if you drive in a pothole?? or a really rocky, jiggly, whatever pavement? what the Hell if you accidentally sit on it with your balls? goodbye future babies

Topmounter - 02/22/14 - 11:47am

There is no way this saddle doesn’t stretch / rip / prematurely wear the buttcrack area of a pair of properly fitting bike shorts.

Please don’t delete this post.

Odellio - 02/22/14 - 12:29pm

First dialogue about the shark at Assaxe (I mean Essax)

Inventor: Ok I have this great way of keeping a rider the right position on the saddle!

Engineer: Oh really.

Inventor: All we have to do is place a kind of fin between the buttocks and it locks the pelvis into the correct position. Amazingly simple!

Engineer: You want me to make a seat that gives you a wedgie?

Inventor: No not a “wedgie” a ” pelvic stabilizer ” , its brilliant!

Engineer: No this is a scratch and sniff nightmare.

Inventor: I’ll call it the SHARK, its going to transform the industry!

Engineer: Wait a minute…… you’re serious?

Inventor: Of course I am

Engineer:………… I quit

Paniagua - 02/22/14 - 1:37pm

Best comment section in Bike Rumor history!

Pete - 02/22/14 - 2:21pm

BR should make a new category for “Smackdown”, where manufacturers can throw out products like this for the ultimate litmus test by our esteemed readership.

Sale revenue (or lack thereof) speaks for itself.

Call the bankruptcy lawyer now???

Larry - 02/22/14 - 2:27pm

does the women’s model have the fin to the front?

EW - 02/22/14 - 7:26pm

Two questions: 1) aerodynamically speaking, could the “fin” give you more lateral stability when sprinting; and 2) is this the men’s or women’s version?

Wombat - 02/23/14 - 3:52am

Of course you will go faster with the saddle. You just want the race to be over so you get the heck off it!

WG - 02/23/14 - 8:10am

Apparently there’s a typo in the saddle’s name. It should be called Ass Axe.

Kenny Roberts - 02/23/14 - 6:33pm

SQlab has been making saddles in multiple widths for over 10 years with no fin and we haven’t heard about too many people falling off their seats! 😉 Plus, we have an easy and effective fit system you can get from us for free. Just visit our website at and order you free kit. We’ve got some new road saddles coming soon too.

The 612 Road

And the Super6 Carbon 85g road

Radsport USA – Syntace / Liteville / SQlab / 66sick

david - 02/23/14 - 10:39pm

They could make a metal one and call it the metallica “metal up your ass version”

RJ - 02/23/14 - 11:49pm

Can you imagine buying a used Essax saddle?

gabbia - 02/24/14 - 11:18pm

Just think, if you put a little velcro on the thing it will clean dingleberrys out!

Roel Vanmuysen - 01/12/15 - 7:53pm

I have seen the seat today in real life.
Our clothing manufacturer Bioracer had one for testing.
How will it effect friction on bibs, chamois, stitching, …

First it looked like a joke and I was even scared looking at it.
Maybe in 5 years from now all cyclist have a smile on their face :)

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