Cinelli Shows Their Foot Fetish w/ New Kink Pedal Straps

Cinelli Kink pedal straps

Cinelli’s on a roll, pumping out a new product every couple weeks. The latest is their new Kink Straps, oversized eco-leather foot straps that’ll fit most flat pedals.

The aluminum buckles are angled to ease foot entry, and thick padded straps keep ’em comfy. Retail’s $43.16 USD, available now. More pics below…

Cinelli Kink pedal straps


This guy approves. He’s New York Bike Messenger and 4 time Monster Track winner Alfred Bobe’ Jr., who’s been testing them around the city. Photos by Federico Stanzani.


mister - 02/21/14 - 8:16am

Is this a good idea? in spanish “pa matarnos”

badbikemechanic - 02/21/14 - 9:24am

Cinelli definitely puts the Hip! in hipster.

Danno - 02/21/14 - 11:04am

a snappier vershun of Power Grips, out for decades, or Origin 8’s and other’s straps?

badbikemechanic - 02/21/14 - 11:50am

It took some Italian aesthetic to spice up origins design.

ve - 02/21/14 - 3:31pm

I was going to make a snarky comment about originality, but these don’t look like total garbage made by some hipster who doesn’t know how to sew.

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