Cloak Your Wheels In Disco Light w/ Soul Beach Cruzers’ LEDs


In what may be the safest-for-your-dollar light system available, Huntington Beach’s Soul Beach Cruisers brings multi-color Disco LED wheel lights to your streets. Whether you’re joining the circus or just riding home from the pub, these hypnotic flashers will guarantee you’re the center of attention. Flash past the break for Cali boardwalk pics and video…


Soul Cruisers has been rocking multicolor beach cruisers for a while now, but when the lights go low and surf-time turns to bar-time what safer way to cruise than spinning neon flashers?

Soul_Cruzers_LED_Wheel_Lights_PinkA few AAA batteries and a couple zip-ties (hey, you’re not gonna set these things up on your Pinarello Dogma65.1) are all you need for setup before you’ll be rollin’ the strip in flashy style.


Think Christmas-tree-twinkle-lights…but for your town bike.

All models fit wheels up to 29″. Solid colors go for $25 and the fancy multicolors command $35. Catch all the color options and many more pics at Soul Cruzers’ site.


Efrain Aguiluz - 02/20/14 - 5:40pm


pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 02/20/14 - 8:23pm

i love the idea and l think the LED thing is flipp’n cool but these lights make you a huge target for drivers…contrary to what they are suppose to do.

jwest - 02/21/14 - 2:50am

To Micah: “Cloak” means “hide” “conceal” “disguise” and is quite the opposite of what these lights do for wheels.

Psi Squared - 02/21/14 - 8:57am

Huge target? That’s a new one.

il Bruce - 02/21/14 - 10:16am

These make me happy.

Ryan - 02/21/14 - 11:01am

I’m going to get some to use on my mtb while riding the trails at night (along with my headlight of course). $25 is cheap for some fun.

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