Road to NAHBS 2014: Stijl Cycles’ New Loco Machine Brings Something Completely Different


Last year, Stijl Cycles‘ founder Hinmaton Hisler rolled out an amazingly complex, double-tubed Ironman theme bicycle. This year, he’s doing something completely different, focusing his booth on his frame building tools and frame components  under the Loco Machine brand. We thought it was a nice diversion from our usual Road to NAHBS subject matter. Of course, that doesn’t mean he isn’t building bikes anymore, evidenced by this beauty shown above.

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

HINMATON: Steel, Titanium, Cast Iron

BIKERUMOR: What’s new with your company since NAHBS last year?

HINMATON: I have expanded the Loco-Machine brand of product and will be exhibiting as Loco this year.


BIKERUMOR: Any killer custom bike builds in that time?

HINMATON: I finished Lear’s All-Mountain-Fast soon after NAHBS.

BIKERUMOR: Say a customer gives you free reign, where do you draw your inspiration for the best projects?

HINMATON: I draw much of much inspiration as a byproduct of the discourse with my clients, the rest is within the build process itself.

Loco-Machine bicycle frame builder tools and alignment tables

BIKERUMOR: What are you building this year that’ll draw a crowd?

HINMATON: I believe the FATMO Alignment Table will draw a crowd, but of a different sort.

Loco-Machine bicycle frame builder tools and alignment tables

BIKERUMOR: Scenario: NAHBS introduces a new category called Mashups, pairing two completely different builders to make one bike. Who’s the yin to your yang, and what kind of bike do you think you’d build?

HINMATON: I would have to say that it would be Don Ferris of Anvil Bikes, we are both machinists, frame builders, automotive gear heads, and tool freaks. But we approach things very differently. It’s hard to say if it would be a bike at all…

Loco-Machine steel bicycle head tubes for framebuilders

Loco’s CNC’d 4130 headtubes come in a wide variety of beautifully sculpted lengths and diameters.


Ryan - 02/13/14 - 11:16am

More about the bike, please!

topmounter - 02/13/14 - 11:33am

Different how?

Mike - 02/13/14 - 12:46pm

Hey Topmounter, did you miss the part about last year he focused on bikes and this year it is tools? Tools are different from bikes. Tools are used to make bikes, but still different.

bababooey - 02/13/14 - 12:59pm

uh oh….some specialized tires on that fancy looking rig…………let the comment section explode!!!!

Keith - 02/13/14 - 1:32pm

The LEFTY makes it awesome!

john - 02/13/14 - 1:59pm

@goathead- right, because the honzo geometry was totally original, kona didn’t draw inspiration from canfield or stickel or anyone else. i bet this frame weighs almost 8 pounds like the honzo too, huh?

heavyweight - 02/13/14 - 2:19pm


Devin - 02/13/14 - 2:34pm

@heavyweight- alignment table.

topmounter - 02/13/14 - 2:54pm

Ok, now I’m really confused… I see a bike, but he’s not focusing on bikes.

Spcmuk - 02/13/14 - 6:08pm

What kind of adapter is he using to get that Lefty on there?

dimples - 02/13/14 - 8:34pm

That alignment table is beautiful

Keith - 02/14/14 - 4:41am

Project321 is the BEST Lefty adapter….I have 2…

Paniagua - 02/15/14 - 2:20pm

Plastic with a stainless sheet? Not totally sold on that alignment table, gonna have to be careful using, storing, etc.

Ol' Shel' - 02/18/14 - 9:36am

And where did Kona get the geometry, Goathead?

Steven - 03/08/14 - 1:33am

FYI the table is a solid piece of steel and not plastic with a stainless sheet which weighs around 300lbs.

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