SRAM Hydraulic Road Brakes Recall Updates

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Here’s the latest from SRAM’s road disc brake recall:

Can I ride my hydraulic brakes in warm weather?

No, the recall affects all SRAM road hydraulic brakes regardless of weather conditions. To ensure safety and operation, we ask that you stop riding immediately and register at

When will MY15 brakes be available?

We are targeting for new MY15 hydraulic product to begin being available the second half of April 2014. Our first priority shipments will be going to the market to support consumers who already have a bike awaiting replacement hydraulics.

What happened to my initial registration on the Recall site?

SRAM’s initial recall registration site is a way for you to register with us to stay updated on all the latest information and instructions on the road hydraulic recall. Thank you for registering. We will continue to update everyone who has registered, and host those updates on the website.

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Kudos to SRAM for sending out a very comprehensive mechanical replacement system – which you can keep if you don’t want to go back to hydros, or it will be sent back to SRAM when the Hydros are available. The kit includes all necessary cables, housings, crimps, caps, hardware and even new bar tape.

Can I keep my key interim mechanical brakes?

We hope that you will choose to get back on road hydraulic brakes, as we are firmly committed to the technology. If you choose to have the new MY15 hydraulic brakes installed, the mechanical brakes will come back to SRAM and we will pay the shipping cost. If you choose to not to accept the new MY15 hydraulic replacement brakes, you can keep your mechanical interim brakes and SRAM will send you a check for US$200 or EUR150 (Europe) by electronic transfer, the difference in value.

What happens to the interim mechanical brakes when the new hydraulic brakes are installed?

In consultation with our Dealers, we have determined they will be returned to SRAM, refurbished, paired with derailleurs and made available to U23, Junior, and development cyclocross teams in the US, Europe and Asia. More information will be posted on our website regarding this program.

Do I have to install interim mechanical brakes to qualify for the new Model Year 2015 hydraulic brakes?

No, you can wait until the new SRAM road hydraulic MY15 brakes are available and the process will accommodate a single replacement. (Please remember that the existing brakes are recalled and you should not ride your bike.)

Will I receive a labor credit if I install the brakes myself?

No. We are requiring that cyclists go through their authorized dealer for a complete road hydraulic install. These dealers have all the tools, training and technical know-how to provide the perfect installation. If you have unique circumstances regarding your brake installation please contact

Who do I contact for obtaining new brakes?

If you are located in the following markets, your local bicycle dealer should contact their local SRAM Dealer Service Department for all orders and information regarding replacement brakes. You will receive an email with a login and password to choose your replacement product OR cash option. See process at link in last question.

SRAM Dealer Service supported markets include: United States, Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Australia.

If you are a consumer in other locations, you will be supported by your Local Dealer & SRAM Distributor via their standard warranty process. Your selection of MY15 road hydraulic replacement OR compensation will occur at your local bicycle dealer, who can contact their local SRAM Distributor service center for all hydraulic replacements.

What are the next steps?

Check the full list of recall steps you should take at the bottom of this page: Official Recall Website – February 6th Update.


rowerowy - 02/10/14 - 4:26pm

I like that red-white SRAM’s design of box and manuals. Clean and simple. Still got my fork box. I keep it coz looks cool ;)

Jason Spiker - 02/10/14 - 4:31pm

We don’t have local dealers in our area. What if you order all your sram stuff online and do all your own wrenching? It’s 2014 not 1997.

Kyle jordan - 02/10/14 - 5:09pm

If you order online, send it back to the online dealer you bought it from to have them take care of a warranty for you.

caliente - 02/10/14 - 5:25pm

hehe, I read “SLICKWIRE” as “SUCKWIRE”
I’m sure they work just fine. it just made me laugh.

Graves - 02/10/14 - 6:21pm

@Jason – You seriously think that shit is going to fly? Try that next time you get a recall notice from your automobile manufacturer. Tough fucking luck.

YoEddy - 02/10/14 - 6:53pm

this: “returned to SRAM, refurbished, paired with derailleurs and made available to U23, Junior, and development cyclocross teams in the US, Europe and Asia” is a big departure from the earlier message that we’d be able to keep the alternate shifters once they worked the bugs out of the original hydro’s… I’m all for junior development and such. But I’m even more for not having my brand new 4k cross bike sit dusty in the corner for MONTHS during prime season. I’m supposed to have a new set of shifter brakes at the shop now.. but am less motivated to go dirty up a set of shifters that doesn’t belong to me. Am I reading too much into this? What’s protocol going to be if I send back scuffed / damaged / shifters? I hate the idea of borrowing parts. What a damn mess.

Feldybikes - 02/10/14 - 7:30pm

@yoeddy, the way it reads to me, you’re freaking out for nothing. Doesn’t say anything about returning them in perfect condition. Probably SRAM would rather have them off the secondary market so they don’t lose that money, too /pure speculation

CO29er - 02/10/14 - 7:37pm

I give SRAM credit for making this thing right… I get it that this is a total waste of everyone’s time and money but I’ve been riding my Crux Pro with the recalled brakes for months (and haven’t had any issues). I know it’s not what you’re ‘supposed to do’ but how often are both brakes going to fail at once and it’s not that big of a deal on an off road course. I’m keeping my hydros on until the replacements arrive in May

Justin C - 02/10/14 - 7:50pm

The options couldn’t be any simpler or more clearly laid out.

1. You replace your hydro with mechanical forever and receive a $200 (EUR150) reimbursement from Sram.

2. You replace your hydro temporarily, run a mechanical system in the interim, then replace your interim set with MY15 Hydro.

Sram have never communicated that you would be able to keep the interim setup AND switch back to Hydro. They have also never said you must return the mechanical setup in perfect sellable condition. It’s yours to use and abuse until they make enough MY15 Hydro systems to get everyone back out there.

YoEddy - 02/10/14 - 7:58pm

ok. I reckon you’re both right. I think my feelings are still hurt about not getting to ride my badass Focus cross’er in the down time. I’ll get over it. Also – the mechanical bb7 brakes suck (comparatively). I’m happy to send those back. (though I did hope to keep the shifters) 1st world problems, yes. But we’re on a 1st world forum.

CO29er - 02/10/14 - 8:06pm

I give SRAM credit for taking care of this. Seems they’ve gone above and beyond to accommodate everyone.

Jason Spiker - 02/10/14 - 9:49pm

Graves what are you talking about? I don’t drive a car at all. I ride and race my bikes over 20,000km a year and I maintain all of them down to the bones. I buy online, get flow products, and I spend a hell of a lot of money on bike parts. I would never trust a local shop to touch any of my stuff and couldn’t afford to pay the insane mark-ups anyway.

Let me guess, you own or work at a LBS? In my area the cost of leases mean that LBS can’t be profitable without retarded mark-ups. Honestly I would open my own god damn shop if it made sense financially but it doesn’t! It’s just time for some of these big companies like Sram and Specialized to move on to the new millennium and service direct.

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