Bikerumor Reader Survey – Win Wheels, Packs & Other Prizes!

bikerumor reader survey 2014

Now that Bikerumor’s 5-1/2 years old, we figured it’s high time to learn a little more about you, our dear readers. So we built a short little survey. As a thanks for answering a few questions, all completed submissions will be entered into a drawing to win one of these great prizes:

  • Mercury Wheels Alloy Clincher or Alloy Tubular Disc road wheelset (1 set, your choice)
  • Camelbak Volt 13L hydration pack (2)
  • Camelbak Chill 21oz Podium Bottles (12)
  • Thirty48 cycling socks (5 pair)

Just click “more” and take it right here on the site, or click this link to open a new window…


David w smith - 02/04/14 - 6:39pm

Thank you for publishing valuable quality information

Tesh Coles - 02/04/14 - 6:43pm

Live, breath, love, pedal bikes!!!

Jeremy Hale - 02/04/14 - 6:45pm

Love your articles, very informative to new cyclists such as myself.

Luca serli - 02/04/14 - 7:23pm

The web I visit the most, after google. Sometime difficult to view with iPad.

Marty Slack - 02/04/14 - 7:27pm

Thanks for all of the information and entertainment!

Laurent tarnaud - 02/04/14 - 7:34pm

I rode fatbike all the year long!! It s a category!!

Ron Sloan - 02/04/14 - 7:54pm


pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 02/04/14 - 8:38pm

l play to win Bikerumor!

Jarred Blankenship - 02/04/14 - 8:44pm


David Patterson - 02/04/14 - 9:41pm

Love the ride you’re with

Willian - 02/04/14 - 10:03pm

did i won?

Richard Whitman - 02/04/14 - 10:32pm

Gimme some wheels baby

Richard Whitman - 02/04/14 - 10:33pm


Psi Squared - 02/04/14 - 10:33pm

Just let me know when you need my address to ship my winnings.

Richard Whitman - 02/04/14 - 10:34pm

New wheels to destroy

Gabriel Lyman - 02/05/14 - 12:51am

Always appreciate what you guys are doing! With out it, I don’t know what I would need a computer for. Thanks!

Jon Cockburn - 02/05/14 - 12:51am


mtbant - 02/05/14 - 5:10am

I could do with some new wheels 😉 keep up the good work!

imp0r0r - 02/05/14 - 7:08am

Please Show us the statistical results of that survey when its done!

Collin - 02/05/14 - 9:03am

One thing I forgot to mention in my survey but think its probably more pressing than anything I wrote is the lack of a mobile version of this site. Velonews or Autoblog are great examples of how to do mobile right.

Dave - 02/05/14 - 11:27am

Yub yub.

Don - 02/05/14 - 1:20pm

Keep up the good work!!!!

Mike Rajewski - 02/05/14 - 5:29pm

Love your updates. An easy way to stay up to date

Bob - 02/09/14 - 8:56pm

Live to ride, ride to live.

Tony - 02/09/14 - 9:13pm

Thanks for all the great info

bill evans - 02/09/14 - 9:34pm

Just came across your site. Looking fwd to regular visits.

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