Video: How Velocity Makes Bicycle Rims

Short, simply and to the point, straight from Velocity: “The video offers a rarely-seen look into how our dedicated workers proudly hand-build our bicycle rims at our Jacksonville, FL, factory. In 66 seconds, the video takes you from raw extrusion to a completed rim that’s wrapped, boxed and ready to ship.”


hooby - 01/29/14 - 3:03pm

manufacturing is cool.

suede - 01/29/14 - 7:51pm

Not even 10 seconds into the video and we get to see an employee blatantly disregard common sense and reach his hand straight at a rim roller, nice.

Greg - 01/29/14 - 11:49pm

I thought Velocity was is Grand Rapids, MI?

Argh - 01/30/14 - 5:28am

no carbon, sorry…

Dave B - 01/30/14 - 8:17am

Nothing unusual in any of the process but Velocity better not let OSHA see this video.

Mattbyke - 01/30/14 - 4:43pm

Ouch. Someone is going to regret going to work one day.
Machines need guards. Neat vid , otherwise.

Joe Spode - 01/31/14 - 12:47pm

Wouldn’t exactly call those “hand built” … they’re machine made.

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