Limited Edition DVO Green Cedric Gracia Bar & Stem Now Available through Production Privee


Looking for some parts to match those beautiful green legs of that new DVO Emerald? You may want to check out the new limited edition bar and stem from Production Privee. Based off of the 548 Cedric Gracia Replica direct mount stem, and the LG bars, each have a two tone anodization with black and emerald green – what Production Privee is calling an industry first. Two years in the making, the new technology allows the company to perfectly match the DVO green on part of the bar or stem, and anodize the rest black.


IMG_3988 IMG_3979

The LG bars are 780mm wide with a 19mm rise and use a 31.8mm clamp. The green markings on the end of the bars are there to help you line up the brake and shift levers, so you can dial in your set up with ease.

LG Bars

  • Width : 780mm
  • Height : LGB 780: 25.4mm / 1in ; LGH 780 38mm /  1.5 in
  • Up sweep : 5º
  • Back sweep : 8º
  • Bar bore : 31,8mm
  • Material : Al Alloy 7075 T6 DB
  • Weight : 305g
  • Finish : Brushed, DVO Green anodized
  • Artwork : Laser etched and Green special transfer sticker



The stem is a 50mm direct mount unit that is compatible with the DVO Emerald, Fox 40, Rockshox Boxxer, and the 2012 Marzocchi 888. Included with the cockpit kit (which includes the bar, and stem for 199 €) is an integrated steerer cap/spacer in either 5 or 15mm.

  • Length: 50mm
  • Height: 19mm / 0.75in
  • Bar bore : 31,8mm
  • Material: Al Alloy 7075 T6 full CNC
  • Compatibility : DVO EMERALD, Fox 40, Rockshox Boxxer, 2012 888
  • Weight : 126g with bar clamp bolts
  • Finish: DVO green and black anodized
  • Artwork : laser etched stripes

We’re stoked to see Cedric recovering after his horrific crash (warning, graphic video). Good luck in 2014!



Adam - 01/28/14 - 2:56pm

Jeez, that set up is sweet!

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 01/28/14 - 3:23pm

lt looks very expensive. Nice, but they match a little too much for me.

Jason Spiker - 01/28/14 - 4:07pm

Those lines for the levers are cool. Lots of road drop bars could use those!

ginsu - 01/28/14 - 7:15pm

Would love to get an integrated top cap and 5mm spacer in carbon. It would look super nice and be flush over the edge so no grit or grim can build up around the top cap anymore. I am a little surprised that nobody has ever made one before now that I think about it.

Ken - 01/28/14 - 9:08pm

Will be more interesting when the fork it matches is actually available.

pfs - 01/28/14 - 11:44pm

When did dual color ano become an industry first? It’s been a thing for quite some time, it’s just not used often. I have had a set of ano hubs that are black and orange for about 4 years now.

Makes me question their experience in the component world.

JPS - 01/29/14 - 8:28am

pfs – agreed – The MY14 Allez Sworks is a two color ano finish as well, amongst others. The finish is just damn expensive w/ a number of restrictions. That’s not to say that these don’t look super clean.

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