Must Watch: How To Be A Road Biker

It wasn’t enough to poke fun at plaid loving, burr grinder owning mountain bikers, now Matt Dennison of NSMB has turned his attention to the Spandex clad crowd.

Let us know what steps you’re guilty of in the comments.


J Train - 01/27/14 - 10:00pm

Step 19

jason - 01/27/14 - 10:21pm

When is the triathlete version coming out?

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 01/27/14 - 10:22pm

Laugh out Loud!

scentofreason - 01/27/14 - 10:49pm

I think the left way to many joke opportunities ‘on the road’ with the car vs. bike bit…

mike - 01/28/14 - 7:08am

I didn’t contest the sprint today because my legs are full and i
can’t get my lungs to open up.

Mattbyke - 01/28/14 - 7:24am

Just what I needed this morning! So true. These rules are why I ride alone , build and maintain my bikes, and definetly know the difference between IPA and EPO !
Oh , and I love my car.

Scottie - 01/28/14 - 8:26am

The only thing missing from this classic piece of videography would be the excuses made by roadies for every weather condition and situation: it’s to windy, too much head wind, not enough head wind, too much side wind, I am sweating to much, I am not sweating enough, I am just spinning today, this isn’t a hammer session, you’re not riding hard enough, if we don’t ride faster I will get hypothermia, why are you riding so fast it’s only January, I am only pulling for 10 seconds, you’re not pulling long enough. I am not a climber, why are you going so slow on the climbs… you get the idea. You finished it perfectly with “harden the f@&$ up. Unfornuately you can’t buy that with your new uber bike..

jakob - 01/28/14 - 9:56am

sorry but on his 5 bikes are more spacer than a whole team should use…

Newbie - 01/28/14 - 9:58am

My first fav YouTube video!
“I’m about to KOM” WTFLOL

Star - 01/28/14 - 10:01am

KOM – King Of your Mom

Nathan - 01/28/14 - 10:32am

Do you think the video makers hate cycling? Do you think the video will encourage people to ride bikes? And I could never get a mortgage, I’ve spent all my money on bikes!

Kat - 01/28/14 - 11:13am

This was totally hilarious!! I thought you are suppose to have a different bike for each day of the week…ha ha!! Now when I look at my Garmin…oh my! Thanks for this humor!! :)

Rico - 01/28/14 - 11:41am

Hasn’t this been done before in a funnier video? This one is not that legit. It seems made by mountain biker trying to make a viral vid.

Doug B - 01/28/14 - 1:57pm

Awesome, waiting for the fat bike version…….

Velo - 01/28/14 - 3:03pm

I prefer DurianRiders version

Scott Turnbul - 01/29/14 - 12:58am

Hey Scottie — HTFU!

roger - 01/29/14 - 1:53pm

Poser. No real cyclist would ever call themself a “biker.”

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