Hack: Converting 2014 10 Speed Roval Control Carbon 29er Wheels to 11 Speed CX Disc

Bike Barn 2014 Carbon Roval Wheel 11 Speed hack (1)

Ok, so this isn’t really much of a hack, but more of a “we didn’t know if this would work previously, the guys at Bike Barn figured it out, and now we know.” With the introduction of 11 speed drivetrains which added 1mm to the standard 130mm road spacing, the compatibility with disc brake hubs at 135mm spacing was a relative unknown. When Aaron and Jas were asked by a customer if it they could make the Roval carbon mtb wheels work for his CX bike, the set out to make it happen.

Going into the project they were given the answer, “it may work, or it might not.” See how easy the switch was after the break.

Bike Barn 2014 Carbon Roval Wheel 11 Speed hack (4)

Bike Barn 2014 Carbon Roval Wheel 11 Speed hack (6) Bike Barn 2014 Carbon Roval Wheel 11 Speed hack (5)

To compliment his Specialized Crux Pro Disc frame, Aaron’s customer wanted a set of disc wheels that were MTB tough, carbon, and were tubeless compatible. The 2014 Roval wheels were perfect, except for the fact that they were 10 speed only, and the customer wanted to run 11 speed SRAM Red22 HRD. Since the hubs use DT Swiss 240s hub internals, swapping out the cassette body and the end cap was a straight forward process. Using the new 11 speed freehub and the 11 speed end cap, it is a direct fit that doesn’t require any additional modifications.

Bike Barn 2014 Carbon Roval Wheel 11 Speed hack (8) Bike Barn 2014 Carbon Roval Wheel 11 Speed hack (7)

With a SRAM PG-1170 11 speed cassette and a SRAM Red 11 speed chain there is plenty of clearance to the dropout, and the now 136mm spaced wheel seems to fit well in the frame. So there you have it – a simple cassette body and end cap swap is all that is needed to convert 2014 Roval Control carbon wheels to 11 speed.

Bike Barn 2014 Carbon Roval Wheel 11 Speed hack (2) Bike Barn 2014 Carbon Roval Wheel 11 Speed hack (3)

Thanks to Aaron Alter, the Service Manager at Bike Barn Houston, TX (left), and his top service tech Jas Illockowitz (right) for Guinea pigging this and sending it over!



Andrew - 01/27/14 - 12:28pm

That seems to just be a case of a+b=c. Good information to know I suppose.

TJ - 01/27/14 - 12:30pm

Way to go Aaron!

Devin - 01/27/14 - 12:35pm

No re-dishing needed?

wertsrider - 01/27/14 - 12:43pm

should be able to do that with any 10spd star ratchet hub. 240, 340, 350 etc etc

James - 01/27/14 - 12:47pm

It may be worth noting that this should translate easily to all other DT 240 based hubs. This should open a lot of doors for crossers who want a nice set of tubeless ready disc wheels.

ChrisW - 01/27/14 - 12:50pm

It’s not really newsworthy that DT Swiss make an 11-speed body that works on most of their own-branded hubs and re-branded versions.

James - 01/27/14 - 12:54pm

ChrisW, It is the 135 spacing that makes it a big deal.

thesteve4761 - 01/27/14 - 1:27pm

1) A Sram Red 11 speed cassette WILL NOT WORK, and a Shimano cassette will also likely not work
2) Most star ratchet hubs will work, but many of the OEM versions will not, as their drive side flange sits further out on the hub than the standard DT hubs, SP or J Bend (Bontrager, Roval, Giant)
3) This will not work on a standard DT SP 350/240/180, or a Scott MTB wheel
4) Re-dishing is always needed when converting a DT hubbed wheel from any drivetrain to 11 speed road, if the wheel was dished properly to begin with. 0.5mm towards the drive side.

5) This will NOT work on a 142+ wheel (It’d end up spaced at 139mm)

Still, cool to see that a Force 11sp cassette will work.

Ross - 01/27/14 - 2:03pm

I think a couple of the other brands do this too.
Easton makes a special cassette body to mount road 11 on their MTB hubs, and it works with all the maxle systems.

CW - 01/27/14 - 2:11pm

thesteve4761 – I have DT 350 SP and giant (dt made) straight pull hubs with 11speed road freehub bodies and shimano ultegra and duraace 11 speed cassettes with absolutely no issues to speak of.

Curt - 01/27/14 - 3:12pm

Congratulations, Aaron. Job well done.

Tyler - 01/27/14 - 3:20pm

I’d like to see a review on these and how they do as cyclocross wheels. Seems like a great idea for some burly wheels

thesteve4761 - 01/27/14 - 3:34pm

@cw, Yes, 130 spaced product works fine with 11. Add 135 to the mix, and that isn’t the case.

whynottry - 01/27/14 - 3:38pm

not being a cross guy, but wondering does the max pressure of 45psi affect what tire you can run? looking to do this for my crux….


matts - 01/27/14 - 3:56pm

I have a set of 240 hubs I swapped out to an 11 speed freehub on my cross bike. I am running a Red cassette with no issues.

CW - 01/27/14 - 4:18pm

thesteve4761 ah, forgot to mention both wheels are 135 (well, 135.5 or so now)

both using dt swiss 11 speed freehub bodies and endcap

no cassette clearance problems, no frame/lockring rubbing. Not sure where any other problem may lie. I have done this on the same hubs for customers without issue as well.

Pete - 01/27/14 - 4:34pm

@thesteve4761 I’ve got it working on a Bonty DT based hub at 135 spacing too, maybe you should have actually tried it out with product before you say it won’t work!

thesteve4761 - 01/27/14 - 4:35pm

Thanks for the update. Interesting, your reality and experience directly conflict with mine, yet I’m sure both are valid. In any case, the clearances involved here are exceptionally tight between cassette and hub shell, and jockey pulley and spokes. Officially, if you ask DT, or related bike brands they partner with, about my initial post, they will agree.

Enjoy riding those wheels!

MulletRacer - 01/27/14 - 7:47pm

Yeah, but 12mm TA is out of the question.
Big bummer for those who want 11speed MTB but dont want a 10-42 range

muf - 01/27/14 - 7:53pm

now all you need is the money to buy the rovals 😉
i wanted something similar so i went with aluminum, which happens to have strong tubless wheels which have the correct spacing anyway.
i’m hoping for cheaper carbon wheels with similar specs in the future.

Jose - 01/27/14 - 8:32pm

Wut? We’ve done this twice so far, not exactly sure it’s a hack. You’re taking a part from the catalogue and installing it…

You’re telling me that a 135mm dropout accepts a 135/136mm hub? Ground breaking. I believe when we measured the depth of the end cap seats it measured the same depth. Keeps the dropout at 135 but brings the free hub body closer to the frame.

CW - 01/28/14 - 9:20am

@thesteve4761, I actually spoke with DT USA to check compatibility before we did these builds. They confirmed it would work and they have done it. This was last june-july. Guess it’s a case of who you talk to?

And, as far as clearance, still way better than campy 11 on most wheels. 😉

wheelz - 01/28/14 - 9:37am

I also have the Crux Pro and have been wondering about the same thing. This is perfect! There are very few options for 11-speed Shimano/SRAM disc ready hubs right now. I asked a DT Swiss rep and he said the 240s can be converted, but they don’t sell it as an off-the-shelf ready to go product yet.

Adam @ Alpha Bicycle Co. - 01/28/14 - 9:38am

Agreed with the above, not sure why this is a “hack”. I did this on my DT 950T wheelset over 14 months ago when building up a DA 9000 CX bike under the assurance of the good people at DT USA. A bit of redish and has worked great for over a year. Many brands offer 11 speed FH upgrades with similar ease.

it works fine - 01/28/14 - 6:19pm

I raced my 29er carbon rovals on my 2014 crux with the 11 speed this year and it worked awesome! The free hub body conversion made it 136mm and the crux is a 135mm dropout. I was able to run tubeless and they were way stiffer then the stock axis 2.0. I would highly recommend it if you don’t want to mess with tubular and you already have rovals or DTswiss hubs!!!

it works fine - 01/28/14 - 6:23pm

I raced my 29er carbon rovals on my 2014 crux with the 11 speed this year and it worked great! The free hub body conversion made it 136mm and the crux is a 135mm dropout. I would highly recommend it if you don’t want to mess with tubular and you already have rovals or DTswiss hubs!!!

julio - 01/30/14 - 1:34pm

Thank you Aaron and Jas for making my commute to work better than ever.

Bill Bauman - 08/29/14 - 1:37pm

Hey, guys, this is great. I’m wondering if anyone knows if the same will work on the Specialized Axis 2.0 Disc road wheels?

julio - 10/07/14 - 7:07pm

It works just fine, I got those for weekend rides and love them.

Dave Tripier - 10/13/14 - 11:36pm

What tubeless CX tires worked? I attempted to mount Hutchinson Piranha but they blew off the rim.

julio - 10/23/14 - 6:46pm

Specialized renegade 29×1.8(front) and tracer 700x33c(back)

jimmyk - 03/08/15 - 9:40pm

I just did the conversion with roval/240’s. As soon as I tighten the QR the freehub stops working. Using( or at least trying) 11sp. 6800 cassette. Any guesses?

pk - 09/14/15 - 2:55pm

I am about to buy Stumpjumper HT Expert 2015 with Roval Control Carbon DT 142+ wheels AND intend to contert it into 1×11 drive based on SRAM X01. Will it work ? One of the comments says it will not, were there different Roval Carbon wheels earlier than what is sold now ?

Ptlee - 11/11/15 - 4:13pm

What tyre pressures were you running?

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