Found: Horizontal or Vertical Bicycle Storage with The Cactus Tongue Bike Shelf

Cactus Tongue No Bike

There are seemingly no shortage of wall mounted bicycle storage options on the market. All are trying to solve the problem of keeping your bike indoors and out of the way.  Each features something to set it apart from the rest.  Some include coat hooks or u-lock storage, while others have a place for your helmet and shoes.  However, they all seem to hold the bike off the floor using the toptube.  The Cactus Tongue looks to change that.  The simple curvy design omits the storage shelf, but provides you the option to hang virtually any bike (up to 15kg / 33lbs) using either the top tube for horizontal storage, or the handlebars for vertical storage.

If this is the storage solution you have been looking for, the Cactus Tongue can be had for £49.99 (about $82.50) here.

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Cactus Tongue MTB

Cactus Tongue Close Up

Cactus Tongue Road Bike


Bmanx - 01/25/14 - 2:00pm

Great idea but that price is a joke.

Michael - 01/25/14 - 3:00pm

The price might be justified if it could take the weight of a proper commuter or touring ride but 33lb would make me pull every bit of mountable gear off my touring ride to make weight.

Milessio - 01/25/14 - 3:05pm

£15 for the thing & £34.99 for the ‘C’ logo!

But it’s good value – see also

£10 for a plastic bucket & £49.99 for the Cycloc(tm) text!

iperov - 01/25/14 - 3:55pm

$82 for piece of steel? no thanks

E - 01/25/14 - 4:56pm

I’ll keep my 1$ rubber hook.

CXisfun - 01/25/14 - 5:03pm

I can justify high costs for some really nice things, but $82 is outrageous.

brad - 01/25/14 - 5:36pm

We just hung some bike storage in our garage – it is a rental so we could not do a lot of drilling into the wall, so we hung a board with hooks in it. You can read all about it here –

edge - 01/25/14 - 5:50pm

I’ve got some spare sheet metal and aluminum stock. I could make it for about $5, and I think I will. Thanks for the ideaCactus.

zohurap - 01/25/14 - 5:55pm

I’d pay $82 just to hear the thought process that led to this price.

Andy - 01/26/14 - 8:24am


Crisco - 01/26/14 - 1:40pm

Price is prohibitive to the general consumer

Scott - 01/26/14 - 7:24pm

d**n $82, good for them if they sell any i guess.

process that led to $82 price – I’m an artist this is art (that’s my guess)

BIKELEPTIC - 01/26/14 - 10:40pm

They should at least cut a groove in the top middle for a bottle opener. It would justify the price to me then.

Ding - 01/27/14 - 6:45am

It’s OK to be a dreamer. Lol. Anyway, let me hit the back button.

Steve @ G4G - 01/27/14 - 2:35pm

Forget about the price. What scares me is the tiny footprint against the wall.

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