Video: How To Calculate Chainline for Endless Singlespeed Cogs

If something’s ridiculously easy to do, anyone could do it. Sometimes, they’re things are just easy but made ridiculous, which is what often happens to things in the hands of Thom Parsons. Here, for your enjoyment, an alternative tutorial to our first look at Endless Bikes’ single speed cogs and Fibonacci Spacer Kit.


Thumper McDonut - 01/24/14 - 3:01pm

That video contains audio cyanide. Kill the music. Kill the commentary. Add subtitles. All better.

ginsu - 01/24/14 - 6:56pm

Real easy…get a laser pen flashlight, align with your front chainring and shine it at your rear hub. Now, make a nice device for the market and I’ll share the patent rights with you. Would’ve done it myself by now but my super simple magnetic laser pen doesn’t work for bike chainrings.

Marshall Hance - 01/25/14 - 5:00pm

Nice idea, ginsu!

Beer30 - 01/25/14 - 7:18pm

The easiest way is to flip the bike upside down, remove the chain from the gears, and place a framing square or some type of straight edge along the side of the chainring teeth. Lay it out against the rear cog and make adjustments, if necessary.

chris root - 01/25/14 - 10:10pm

Another good post on this here: Works like a charm!

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