Unique KZS Cycle Concept Art Bike


From the mind of Zsombor Kiss, a Hungarian graphic artist and industrial designer, comes the KZS Cycle concept bike, an organic redesign of the traditional diamond frame. Although, ostensibly more of a design experiment than a fully fleshed-out bike design, the designer has developed the idea into a high quality prototype with some interesting features…


The swooping flat plate-shaped (hopefully hollow tubing?) frame makes for an eye-catching look. Without a seattube (or any provision for brakes) the bike would probably provide a good bit of vertical flex to eat up the bumps and rely on coaster brakes or a fixed gear set up.


And don’t expect that integrated fork to be in your neighborhood bike shop anytime soon. Even though it has a pretty cool solution to its dropouts and handlebar mount with the curling thru-axle fork tips and integrated stem, making that tiny external steerer stiff enough to stand up to the abuse of city riding would probably be a challenge.


Last but not least is that interesting looking saddle. The wooden seatpost from their partner Woodi seems like a sketchy idea (even though the tiny wood bars look nice). The loops of the cantilevered saddle remind me of pre-war springer saddles with a nice modern touch. Again, cantilevering may be hard to implement, but the overall shape could work well on many new bikes.

Practicality was thrown out the window on this design exercise, but the end result has some cool bits to it worth developing further.


NASH - 01/21/14 - 10:30am

It is every week one of these very similar “Art” bikes are posted, they are all a bit silly really and as much use as a marzipan dildo.

AlanM - 01/21/14 - 11:04am

Did someone say bottom bracket flex?

Your Face - 01/21/14 - 11:10am

Only redeeming quality on this pos is the sweet prototype Campy seatpost.

onion - 01/21/14 - 12:26pm

When will people stop doing this?

Dr.Unk - 01/21/14 - 2:20pm

All that thought and work and they put a $5 qr seat clamp on it.

plebs - 01/21/14 - 2:41pm

I think they think they’re doing something original. I bet I could make a bike with no seat tube and only part of the steerer tube with 30 mins and a hacksaw.

ACE - 01/21/14 - 3:27pm

Normally I would say something negative about a bike like this (being that its not very practical)but as an art piece,it is very attractive.

Scott - 01/21/14 - 4:22pm

The saddle is an interesting thought… kind of like a hypothetical Specialzed Romin/Brooks collab! “Fauxllab”?

ve - 01/21/14 - 6:09pm

What amazes me is how unoriginal these art bikes are. I know “nothing is truly original” but art bikes seem to all share common traits not found on normal bikes. They aren’t slight variations on the bike. They’re slight variations on the art bike.

Slow Joe Crow - 01/21/14 - 6:09pm

That fork looks like a wrought iron railing, visually interesting and completely useless as a bike.

S. Molnar - 01/21/14 - 9:16pm

NASH, I’m confused. What’s the problem with the marzipan dildo?

Potatohead - 01/24/14 - 3:48am


John M - 02/12/14 - 12:09pm

It looks like something you would buy at IKEA

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