All of MadFiber’s Assets to be Auctioned off to the Highest Bidder

All of MadFiber's Assets to be Auctioned off to the Highest Bidder

Starting this Friday, MadFiber is going up on the block. After the Washington based company was purchased by the Divine Cycling Group, MadFiber’s factory was shut down during the Fall of 2013, only to be parked until DCG filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. It looks like the final number for MadFiber will be an auction consisting of two lots – one including intellectual property, trade names, patents, etc. that are unique to the business, and a second lot that is things that are not unique to the business like tools, a vertical mill, boxes, etc. There is an option to purchase both lots, which would provide all of MadFiber’s assets.

The online only auction starts this Friday and will run until January, 28th. It is being run as a silent/sealed auction so others won’t see your bid. Due to the nature of the auction individuals won’t be able to buy a “cheap set of wheels,” rather the auction offers the opportunity for someone to purchase the business and possibly get MadFiber up and running again.


Steve Hampsten - 01/15/14 - 1:08pm

Way to go DCG – you guys must be geniuses. Or am I missing some master plan here?

taylor - 01/15/14 - 1:24pm

Is there a minimum bid? I bid $100 for both

WBRider - 01/15/14 - 1:26pm

$ 120

ShartOutLoud - 01/15/14 - 1:39pm

I love the random piles of wheels that are scattered throughout the workshop… Likes piles of leaves.

Hilty - 01/15/14 - 2:25pm

All that pre-preg will be useless by the time the new owner takes delivery.

A. - 01/15/14 - 3:19pm

I could use a new shop vac, but I think it’s bad karma. I might catch the same bug as all the other stuff that DCG touched.

Charles Divine - 01/15/14 - 3:38pm

I’m buying their IP lot to use “Mad Fiber” on my new cereal bar that’s loaded with fiber goodness, yo.

Hoshie99 - 01/15/14 - 4:31pm

I wonder if the brand is too tarnished due to the missteps or whether it still has any value?

Wayne Souza - 01/15/14 - 5:46pm

There is some nice stuff there in lot 2. If it goes cheap it’s a good deal for a wheel builder.

Scott Dombrowski - 01/15/14 - 6:04pm

I wish they would send my wheel that was there for warranty before they sell it.

Jefferson - 01/15/14 - 8:05pm

Man I want to start a kickstarter for this!

Vectorbug - 01/15/14 - 9:12pm

I picked up a set for super cheap and am really impressed. They are solid and fast. Just too narrow of a rim so I put them up for sale. Also just a little too flashy for my cat 4 ass. But I want this company to be resurrected, I wanted them to do well while they were around even though I couldn’t afford them.

Big Cow - 01/16/14 - 10:45am

i love that the auction house has posted the balance sheet, and we can see that even one of their own reps owes them $7k!

Feldybikes - 01/16/14 - 4:26pm

Wow, they filed patents in A LOT of countries. I’d bet just trying to maintain those would cost as much or more likely more than the cost of te company.

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