Rocky Mounts BrassKnuckles Beats Bike Rack Profile Down to the Ground

2014 Rocky Mounts BrassKnuckles low profile roof mounted bike rack trays

The all-new Rocky Mounts BrassKnuckles bike rack comes out swingin’, claiming to be the lowest profile roof-mount tray on the market.

But the minuscule, aerodynamic shape punches out some big features, like a micro-adjust pivot arm, ergonomic handle and the ability to hold anything from your kids’ 20″ up a DH-worthy 29er tire. The tray and frame parts are made of premium alloy and use a combination of stackable contact pads and flexible mounting hardware to fit any crossbars. Even better, the arm can be flip-flopped to allow for easy driver or passenger side use.

Retail is $199.99 per bike, and it should ship with multiple color options this spring. More pics and specs below…

2014 Rocky Mounts BrassKnuckles low profile roof mounted bike rack trays

Slim, yes? Not only does that minimize its impact on your gas mileage when not carrying a bike, it means shipping weight and size is minimal, saving money at purchase, too.

2014 Rocky Mounts BrassKnuckles low profile roof mounted bike rack trays

The name comes from the shape of the handle, which sits just above the release button. To keep your bike where you put it, it uses a pair of optional locking cores (can be ordered keyed the same) to lock the tray to the car and the clamp on the wheel.


Steven - 01/11/14 - 8:33pm

Looks pretty cool! Only problem I see is the rear wheel strap is too short to hold a proper wheel.

Truman - 01/11/14 - 10:11pm

Sooo the real question is “Is it Fatbike compatible?”

Phishn - 01/11/14 - 11:28pm

The Küat Trio is.

zombinate - 01/12/14 - 1:15am

I use the Thule Sidearm to carry my 4″ tire fatbike, biggest issue is with the wire stop for the wheel. This look to be similarily “usable” but not “compatible” in an official sense

Topmounter - 01/12/14 - 12:27pm

“…minimize its impact on your gas mileage when not carrying a bike…”

Is this a claim by RockyMounts or has it been tested by

I’d be interested to see some actual gas mileage numbers comparing this mount to other mount designs and as compared to bars with no mounts attached. Feel free to throw in a hitch mounted rack to the comparison as well.

TT - 01/12/14 - 11:12pm

I was at Rocky Mounts for the release/cx nationals party. These things look great.

Nick - 01/13/14 - 12:16am

Steven-They look like the rear straps on the Rocky racks we bought for my wife’s Outback this fall. If they are, they shouldn’t have any issue. I’ve run 2.3″ 29er tires on wide rims, and the mounts hold the rear wheel with strap to spare.

Of course, this all depends on what your definition of ‘proper’ is.

DtH - 01/13/14 - 8:26am

What Truman Said, FatBike worthy?

Steven - 01/13/14 - 8:44am

Nick- Thanks for the info. 2014 Proper=Fat It seems bike industry people design in a vacuum. It is not just Rocky Mounts, Kuat released a new rack called the Trio, it would have been so easy for them to design it for a 135mm front hub but they missed the mark also.

dogboy - 01/13/14 - 10:05am

I don’t think it’s so much designing in a vacuum as it is designing to fit the vast majority of bikes in the market. I doubt fatbike market share is any bigger than tandem or recumbent market share, so it stands to reason that they are going to be the exception rather than the rule when it comes to compatibility.

Steven - 01/13/14 - 11:14am

@dogboy, Maybe vacuum was too strong. If Fat bikes haven’t already surpassed tandems they will very quickly and Rocky Mounts does make a Tandem mount. Kuat does make a fat bike adaptor for there new Trio, it just seems that they could have designed it to work from the beginning instead of buying an adaptor. They could have then called it the quad instead of Trio.

Bobby - 01/13/14 - 8:47pm

I work at RockyMounts and we did look at making this fit a fat bike. There would have been multiple design issues that would have sacrificed both function and appearance. We hope to make a fat bike kit (wider wheel chock, longer wheel strap) once the dust settles.

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