POC Announces 3 Year Partnership with Team Garmin-Sharp

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If you read between the lines with POC’s “garminum” blue colorway from our coverage of the POC AVIP launch you probably saw this coming. If not, it’s now official – POC is the new helmet and glasses sponsor for Team Garmin-Sharp starting now, and continuing for the next three years. POC is making big strides in the road cycling world, first with the launch of the safety oriented AVIP line, the recent announcement of a partnership with Volvo Car Group to focus on bike-car safety, and now the announcement of the Team Garmin-Sharp sponsorship that will lead to the development of additional road products in the future based on the input of the team.

In addition to the Octal, Octal Aero, and Tempor TT helmet, the Garmin-Sharp team will be using POC’s eyewear like the new Do Blade – which was developed in collaboration with Garmin-Sharp’s Ryder Hesjedal, and Olympic TT Silver medalist Gustav Larsson.

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From POC:

(Stockholm, Sweden – January 10)  – POC, and Team Garmin-Sharp today announced a three-year partnership.

Beginning in January 2014, Swedish company POC is the official helmet and eyewear supplier of Team Garmin-Sharp, the American professional cycling team dedicated to ethical sporting and developing the next generation of cycling champions.

“We pride ourselves in working with best-in-class partners to develop equipment that helps our riders perform at their best. POC is another great example of a superior partnership and we are thrilled to add them to the Slipstream family”, says Jonathan Vaughters, CEO, Slipstream Sports and Team Garmin-Sharp.

Commenting on the partnership, Stefan Ytterborn, POC CEO and founder says:

“We are now entering the road bike scene and we need to go all in and support our mission of doing everything we can to possibly save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents, and at the same time assist with performance through advances in technology. With Team Garmin-Sharp’s spirit, values and attitude, we have found a perfect partner. Together we will come up with even better, safer and faster products for the team and in their quest to win, but also benefit road cyclists around the world who will be able to use the same products and innovations for training and racing.”

POC, a leading manufacturer of skiing and mountain biking helmets, body armor and accessories, will provide the team with helmets and eyewear. Riders for Team Garmin-Sharp will be using the award-winning and storied Octal helmet, the Octal Aero and the Tempor TT helmet.

When it comes to the eyewear, the team will choose from a number of different frames, ranging from the striking DID’s to the soon-to-be-released DO Blades. DO Blade has been developed in collaboration with 2012 Giro D’Italia champion, Garmin-Sharp’s Ryder Hesjedal, and Olympic TT Silver medalist Gustav Larsson – both POC team athletes.

POC will also produce additional products with specifically engineered properties to serve specific needs, depending on discipline and circumstances.

“I really believe the POC range of helmets is revolutionary in bringing new levels of comfort, aerodynamics and cooling to the market,” says Dan Martin, Team Garmin-Sharp. “I am blown away by POC’s advanced design and we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them this season,” adds Martin.

POC is just about to release AVIP, it’s first road bike specific range including helmets, apparel, eyewear and accessories. AVIP stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection and is POC’s most ambitious initiative to date, promoting safety for road cyclists.

The blue color of the Octal and the Do Blade is called “Garminum Blue,” and is a salute to the team and will be used for competition. Since visibility is a key factor to road bike safety and to support the idea behind AVIP, the highly visible orange version of the Octal helmet will be the first choice for team Garmin-Sharp when training.

Starting with Australian National Championships in January, team Garmin-Sharp will be wearing POC helmets and eyewear around the world, from the Tour Down Under to The Tour de France to Liege-Baston-Liege.

About Slipstream Sports

Owned and managed by Slipstream Sports, Team Garmin-Sharp is dedicated to promoting ethical sporting and developing the next generation of cycling champions. Team Garmin-Sharp competes in a full schedule of professional cycling races in the U.S. and Europe. Additional information is available at www.slipstreamsports.com

About POC

POC is a Swedish company built on a strong mission to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sport athletes and cyclists. More information at www.pocsports.com



Steve @ G4G - 01/10/14 - 5:05pm

Those glasses… yikes…

pete - 01/10/14 - 5:19pm

back to the future

SomeFawkingguy - 01/10/14 - 5:33pm

Those helmets and glasses are beyond ugly.

Gabe - 01/10/14 - 8:30pm

good to see something different, definitely stands out

Fenton - 01/10/14 - 10:00pm

If the POC road helmets are anywhere near as good as the MIPS mtb helmet I have, I am in like a robbers dog for a POC road helmet… Need a new one now to

Psi Squared - 01/10/14 - 11:07pm

I don’t think the POC Octal looks bad at all. I’d wear one. If the protection is better as they hint, I will wear one.

Graves - 01/11/14 - 12:24am

POC is going to sell a SHITTON of helmets, now.

TT - 01/11/14 - 5:18am

back to the past… this stuff looks like the early 80s

Badbikemechani - 01/11/14 - 3:06pm

These helmets look so f*ing awesome and they take full advantage of Science!

Henry - 01/11/14 - 4:08pm

Have they gave a release date on the helmet? I really dig the helmet…the glass on the other hand. I’m not pro enough to pull those off.

drider - 01/11/14 - 6:19pm

To hell with those glasses, but I’d definitely buy a POC road helmet. In black, of course.

Badbikemechani - 01/12/14 - 2:22am

These helmets look so f*king awesome and they take full advantage of Science!

briderdt - 01/12/14 - 12:25pm

The helmets look great to me. I’d definitely wear one (as long as the price isn’t astronomical).

sascetti - 01/13/14 - 9:53am

I rode with one of these guys the other day. That helmet looks pretty interesting.

Ryan - 01/13/14 - 9:58am

I love my POC Trabec Race. It’s so comfortable, and I feel secure about the science behind the safety. And no, I’m not affiliated with POC or receiving anything in exchange for this comment.

Loki - 01/13/14 - 11:25am

In Roadbike Party 2 Danny MacAskill is wearing a custom painted Octal and it definitely looks much better on!

Peter - 01/13/14 - 12:18pm

… very BLUE

matthew - 01/14/14 - 12:03pm

Hopefully POC will get some supply and distribution to match their ambitions for the AVIP line. I’ve been to their website numerous times since the announcement of their first MIPS helmet, and they’ve never had ANY helmet in a size M or L. The Seattle REI has had a size XL Trabec MIPS helmet that they can’t sell, but says that even they can’t get anything in a M or L for the foreseeable future.

Their ski stuff is similarly impossible to get as well. Sounds like it’s a company logistics issue, not a “mad rush to get their product” issue.

gabbia - 01/15/14 - 10:35pm

How to design and UGLY helmet…POC
Have you seen their aero helmet? It looks like it comes from the movie Space Balls.
Perfect for a team of dopers.

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