Friday Shredits – Trials from the Old West, More Trials, Greetings from Commencal and more!

Trials and the Old West by way of 3 Czech riders? Sure, why not! All We Together 2 is an entertaining clip with trials motorcycling, bicycling, and unicycling!

Check out All We Together 1 after the break!

All We Together 2 Credits:

Adam Gerža – UNICYCLE – 3rd at the European Championship 2013
Vašek Kolář – BIKE – World Vice Champion Elite 2013
Martin Matějíček – MOTO – Czech Junior Champion 2013, 7th at the World Championship Youth 2013

Facebook fan page:

Presented by: Western park Boskovice, EM Production, Fain Interier, Cappra

In association with: Dickies, Try One, Chorrillas, Life Is Drive, O’Neal, Nugget, Mafakazz tattoo, Stavimat, S3, 2M Parts, Haase Racing Technology, AUTO KLUB Ústí nad Orlicí

Special thanks to: Jiří Fikejz, Radim Petrů and others

Mason Ritter Crux Division from Geo Jenkins:

Mason is one of the nicest dudes I’ve ever met on a bmx bike, quiet and calm but there is no doubt he is a hidden shredder. With a bag of tricks larger then a six year old’s Halloween bag he is always pulling out new tricks every time I see him.

Filmed and Edited: Geo Jenkins

Audio: TNGHT – Higher Ground (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice)

Commencal rings in the new year with a fun little clip highlighting their range for 2014. It starts off a little slowly, but the action starts just after the 2:00 mark – definitely worth sticking around for.



rentedshoes - 01/04/14 - 9:20am

What? Why?

jamal - 01/05/14 - 3:37pm

You owe me 2:37 of my life back. STUPID!

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