Kinetic Trainers Partner with Carmichael Training Systems for Holiday Bundle

Kurt Kinetic trainer and Carmichael Training Systems holiday bundle for 2013Looking to sway your decision as to which trainer to wish for under the tree, Kinetic is bundling a Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 trainer, three months of Carmichael Training Systems full-service coaching and a Train Right Climbing series DVD 3-pack at a discounted rate. The coaching services include a completely personalized training schedule, power file analysis and scheduled adjustments to help maximize results.

CTS will also begin providing indoor training tips in Kinetic’s email newsletters and post standard (read: outdoor) training advice on Kinetic’s website. Those will augment the existing (and hopefully growing) collection of training articles on Kinetic’s site, which already includes a CTS Power Field Test.

It’s called the THAW (Train Hard And Win) package and retails for $759. Full details here.


Anthony - 12/13/13 - 9:56am

Train right DVD’s huh? After they edited all of time Chris just talked about Lance, I hear the videos are only 3 minutes long.

Joenomad - 12/13/13 - 11:16am

Does the CTS package also include EPO and PED’s?

Lance A - 12/13/13 - 3:34pm

Third party manufacturer partners with coach of the Crook Cycling Stars. I love it. Do they make treadmills?

Gillis - 12/13/13 - 3:45pm

Did I miss something? Did Carmichael somehow escape the sh*tshow that is L.A.?

George - 12/13/13 - 11:43pm

Just google greg strock and chris Carmichael for the story as to he doped kids.

Don’t buy Carmichael services or products- he doped kids that caused long term health consequences.

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